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UK Woman Gave Birth To ‘eBaby’ After Ordering Sperm And Insemination Kit Online, Watching YouTube Tutorial!

September 20, 2021 | by Ritu Sanghvi

I’ve always been one of those people who get awestruck when I hear the kind of technological development that medical scene has seen. I mean, there are so many ways that are available for people to get better and healthier. One specific field of medicine that has developed tremendously in the last few years is the reproductive field. I’m not just talking about the IVF treatments, but also something quite bizarre. Like, did you know that there are DIY kits where a woman can self-inseminate? Yep, and a British woman actually gave birth to a baby after ordering sperm and the self-insemination kit online. Is that weird or what!?

Recently, a British woman named Stephenie Taylor who is a resident of Nunthorpe, Teeside, England, gave birth to a baby named Eden after she bought herself sperm and a self-insemination kit on the internet. And the woman was able to impregnate herself after she watched a YouTube tutorial video about the same.

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Stephenie Taylor already has a son named Frankie who will turn five next month. She had Frankie with her ex-partner and did not want him to be an only child. So to complete the family she sought fertility clinics. But the cost of fertility was around £1,600 (over Rs 1.61 lakh), had put her off and she decided to not go through the fertility clinics for a baby.

That is when she found the app —Just A Baby. It was on this app that she ordered the sperm. Whereas the self-insemination kit was brought from eBay. While speaking to a leading daily, Stephenie Taylor said that she got it right on the first attempt and conceived the baby right after the donor came over to her house to drop off his sperm. She further added that her baby was a “real online baby” and a “miracle.”

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As per News 18, the British woman contacted the sperm donor through the Just A Baby app and after three weeks of messaging him, the donor came over to her house to deliver his sperm in January 2020. And it was in October 2020 that Stephenie Taylor gave birth to her baby Eden. She even texted the donor and informed him about the birth of the baby. 

Stephenie’s mother and sister were really happy for her but her father who did not understand much about it (can you really blame him?) came around after a while and now thinks that it was a “brilliant decision.” In fact, Stephenie Taylor also admitted that if ever Eden, her newborn baby, wanted to meet his sperm donor, she wouldn’t mind that. In fact, even the donor said, “Stephenie is an amazing person and I’m happy to do it again if she’d like more children in the future.”

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Honestly, while writing this, I’m still trying to digest that something like this could happen. I know that we’ve become technologically advanced, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined having a baby by ordering a sperm and self-insemination kit online. And even though this is a miracle, there is one thing that all those reading this should not forget. Stephenie Taylor might’ve gotten lucky but doing this on your own without medical advice from your gynaecologist/doctor is not advisable.

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Ritu Sanghvi

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