Here’s Why The Founder Of Mother’s Day Died Hating The Holiday

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Come May, and Mother’s day excitement begins. We start booking spa appointments, scroll through Amazon for gift ideas, or watch ‘how to bake a cake’ tutorials on YouTube.

And Anna Jarvis hated all of this.

She is the one who founded the holiday in 1908 after realising that mothers needed more appreciation for everything that they do. In 1914, the federal government recognised the day and her endless campaigns paid off.

But over time, more than it being a day about appreciating mothers, it became a profit making business for companies like, Hallmark. We started caring more about candies, bouquets, greeting cards and the message that we would write inside. Moms just became an accessory.

She wrote petitions against this commercialisation, initiated rallies, and did everything she could to stop it from turning into a mess. But obviously, that didn’t happen.

Then again, scholars and historians are of the opinion that she was insecure about her name not getting any recognition. People celebrated the day but forgot to remember Anna. And maybe, that’s what bothered her.

Though, Mother’s Day has become an extremely commercial holiday, much like Valentine’s day… it is needed as a reminder to shower love, respect and everything in between to the ones who have given us birth, been our rock, and our best friend who is God sent.

Oh, and the mothers vs fathers day debate can start in 3… 2… 1…


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