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“Why Is Breastfeeding Important?”, Lactation Expert Answers The Most-Googled Questions

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It is World Breastfeeding Week and here’s to all the women who are experiencing post-partum and pulling through it while also feeding their babies. The week is celebrated to shed light on why breastfeeding babies is important for at least the first six months of the infant’s life. There are a lot of questions that come into the minds of the women who do not want to breastfeed their child for their respective reasons and women who are unable to breastfeed for their own sets of reasons as well. Lactation expert has shared her advice on some of the most-Googled questions.

Why is breastfeeding important?

It is important to breastfeed babies for the first six months of infancy because it provided the baby with many diseases-fighting nutrients. Breast milk helps build the baby’s immunity. Dr Vanshika Gupta Adukia, who is a Lactation Specialist has also weighed her opinions on the importance of breastfeeding and said, “The popular saying goes- breast is best for the baby. For those who can breastfeed, breastmilk comes with its ability to lower the risk of infections such as asthma, eczema, lower respiratory tract infection, ear infections, obesity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems.” She elaborated more by saying that breastmilk is easier to digest and it is also rich in cells, hormones and antibodies.

How long is it advisable for mothers to breastfeed?

Regarding how long can a woman breastfeed her baby, Dr Vanshika Gupta Adukia said that it is advisable to feed the baby for the first six months, post which solids can be introduced into the baby’s diet and breastfeeding can be continued until two years or more depending on the mother.

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What care must be taken while breastfeeding?

Mothers also have to maintain good breast hygiene when they are lactating. Dr Vanshika said, “Keep in mind to always bring the baby to the breast and not vice versa. Ensure a good latch with the baby’s mouth open wide and 2/3rd of the aerial and lower breast should be in the baby’s mouth.”

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