WhatsApp Set To Introduce A ‘Disappearing Messages’ Update And We Think It Might Just Make Cheating That Much Easier!


On an average day, I will not drop this act of being a cool cucumber and that I know how to use a smartphone. Yes, it’s not much but it’s something. I, however, will admit to one fact, that while I may be good at a numerous things, I am stunted when it comes to understanding and using technology.

Ironically enough, for someone who is constantly on social media, I know and understand very little of the finer nitty-gritties of it. Which is perhaps why, when I came across the news of WhatsApp working on its latest update of ‘disappearing messages’, all I could take away from this technical upgrade was just how easier it would make for people to hide and lie with this new option.

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For the uninitiated, as part of a report released this October , WhatsApp had been working on launching a new and refined version of the previously ‘Delete message’ option. Calling it as the ‘disappearing messages’ option, WhatsApp means to allow the users to be able to completely make their sent messages disappear within a certain frame of time. As stated, the feature will have an on/off switch button and 5 time interval options to choose from – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year.

As soon as the chosen time passes, the messages sent will simply disappear and cease to exist, as if they were never sent. And this without the previous intimation of ‘message deleted’, making it all the more sly and covert. And while there are a bunch of people appreciating the upcoming feature, we can’t help but feel how it maybe making cheating easier.

Think about it, with this feature in play, that allows users to delete entire and very real conversations, people will find it even easier to tactfully keep the truth from surfacing. With no record of a conversation, this seems more like a win for the ones wishing for discretion, while others may find themselves in a tough spot. Of course, the feature that has only been designed for convenience and to maintain privacy and might not be intended to covertly support moral indiscretion, but we also cannot deny that it makes it much easier to lie and not be caught.

Another update to accompany this feature of disappearing messages, is that of dark mode that is also set to release in the future. When both of these updates are slated to release is still not known, but you may now be able to control who gets a hold of your sent messages and it certainly ensures a greater level of security and privacy. This is much like Snapchat’s and Instagram’s self-destructive message feature, that allows for messages/pictures to pop only for a few seconds and then the image vanishes, not allowing the user on the other end to misuse it. If you take a screenshot of these, the other person is informed.

But the real question is, will the misuse really end or just further even more?

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