What Is The “Snail Girl” Era And How Can It Be Beneficial For Your Mental Health?

We should try this trend!
What Is The “Snail Girl” Era And How Can It Be Beneficial For Your Mental Health?

Dear ladies, are you also tired of constantly proving yourself at work, working day and night to get that promotion you deserve? Earning to live the free independent life which is well, but unfortunately, you are unable to do that! Because most of your time goes into completing work hours in the office! Well, we are all girl-bossing really hard so we don’t miss out on opportunities for growth, however, for once, just slow down a little. Take a deep breath and relax for a while to enjoy the sense of fulfilment. Well, this is what the “Snail Girl” era is here to remind you about. Currently, trending on social media, the term “Snail Girl” promotes a more slow and relaxed lifestyle for women which we think can really be a good thing for your mental health, however, this is exactly contrary to what the idea of  “Girl Boss” dictates!


The term “Snail Girl” was first used by designer and businesswoman Sienna Ludbey and her essay was shared by the Fashion Journal Magazine. In this, Ludbey explained the term “Snail Girl” era which basically means a lifestyle for women that is slow and relaxed, and where “Work” is not the only priority in life. While most of the youngsters are all there for the hustle culture, Ludbey’s “Snail Girl” era is taking a different route and most women are quite supportive of it on social media as well!

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Slow Down, Ladies!

We cannot deny the fact that as women, we often struggle with the dilemma of paying too much attention to building our careers and at the same time, the worries about not giving importance to our physical and mental health needs. Well, this is also because we no longer want to lag behind our counterparts at work and in life. But the “Snail Girl” era preaches to women to equally be mindful of health and not ignore it at the cost of work!Well, it is high time that we as women support women who make the choice to take a break from their careers and focus on themselves instead of making them feel guilty about it. Always girl-bossing or pushing hard to flourish in your career can also take a toll on your health, so this “Snail Girl” trend is something that can turn out to be a useful way of living for women.

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The Brighter Side!

We have to agree with the fact that the hustle culture is toxic and it’s time to stop encouraging such kind of work style as well.  With this “Snail Girl” trend,  you will not feel burned out, and the best part is that you also take some time to pursue your hobbies! And, never forget the moral of the story about the tortoise and the turtle!

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Also, ladies, the world will of course move at its own pace, develop and work as if we are running a race, but if you choose to run this race at your own pace, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, slowing down in life will give space and clarity to your thoughts, and maybe, the comeback will be stronger than ever!

So are you going to follow the trend?

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