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In Love With More Than One Person? You Need To Read About This Relationship Trend!

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Let’s cut to the chase, and talk about the topic at hand — Polyamory. It is the practice of having committed relationships with multiple partners, with their consent and knowledge. Now the latter part of the previous sentence, in my opinion, is a twist that we are not quite ready for.

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It’s not cheating on your partners ’cause they are aware of the presence of the ‘others’, for lack of a better word. And it’s not being in an open relationship, as that implies sexual intimacy more than anything else. Polyamory is when you emotionally, physically, and mentally connect with more than one partner. It is consensual non-monogamy.



Now, this situation would seem like a far-fetched fantasy, especially in a country like India. I can only imagine people labeling girls as sluts, and shunning them entirely if they openly admit to wanting to have relationships with different partners.

The idea of marrying and living with one person throughout our lives has been etched in our minds since the very beginning. And it’s very hard to unlearn it. Even if we would want to. In countries like Paris and UK, polyamory as an idea is being warmly welcomed. Though there are signs of our society moving towards this concept, we certainly have a long way to go!



In Bangalore recently, locals formed a Facebook group called Bangalore Polycules to educate people about what Polyamory actually is. And all of us can definitely learn a thing or two. They hold events and meetings where polyamorous peeps gather together to meet with people of a similar mindset. Whether that turns into something concrete or not, depends on their chemistry. Much like any other relationship.

The most difficult part about falling in love with multiple people at the same time is finding partners who are okay with it. Again, men find it easier than women to admit to this, because how can a girl love anyone but her husband, right?!



It’s a very, very evolved concept for any of us to accept, but trust us, it has been happening. And it’s been happening often! It’s just one of those things that people are soon going to protest about, laws are going to be made, and women are again going to be targeted for.

Also, it’s just assumed that anyone following this would be bisexual. Which in fact is NOT true!



For any reasonable, practical human, the argument is basic — if monogamy gives some people happiness, why can’t happy consensual relationships do the same? If you ask us, it’s better than cheating on your partner for sure.

Tikva Wolf’s vibrant comics about living a¬†polyamorous life, called Kimchi Cuddles, is a fun way to find out more about these relationships and how they work. They’ll make you laugh, and somewhat normalise the theory of polyamory without you cringing about it. Don’t even deny that you didn’t.


So very grateful for the balance, ease, and playfulness in my relationships <3Patreon:

Posted by Kimchi Cuddles on Monday, March 12, 2018


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