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We Can’t Be Travelling And Swimming In Pools But Owls Can And They Are Taking Full Advantage Of This Situation

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If the lockdown has kept you bored enough to actually scroll through hundreds of forwards on the family WhatsApp group, you definitely must have seen pictures of animals who have wandered into the city. And the memes about nature is healing and reclaiming what belongs to it.  Peacocks, foxes, squirrels, and whatnot have taken to the streets, almost like a sign of protest against us seizing what should have been shared. It seems to me that for once, the tables have turned. While we are stuck inside with nothing to do, animals finally have the chance to roam freely and without feeling threatened by us. And boy, have they used this opportunity wisely.

Recently, these pictures of six owls having a pool party have taken Twitter by storm. The birds were spotted in Twitter user @mrsdrpeepo’s friend’s backyard, and they immediately posted the pictures they were able to click. The owls can be seen having the time of their lives in the pink pool.

Later, the friend updated us on their grand comeback.

Twitter users are so amused by these pictures, and can’t stop talking about how adorable the sight is. The post has gone viral. It’s replies are flooded with jokes, puns, and even a Harry Potter reference!

These owls seem to be making up for the fact that us humans can’t swim anymore. We’ve had to ditch all our summer plans of lying by the beach on a sunny morning or taking a dip in an ice cold pool on a hot evening. Now, we’ve been left cooped up inside our houses in Mumbai’s unbearable heat. Considering the fact that the lockdown is going to last for quite a while, it’s safe to say that summer has been effectively ruined.

But hey, just because we can’t have fun, doesn’t mean our friends in nature can’t. Someone has to lay on that beach and swim in that pool. Otherwise, it would almost be a disrespect to the spirit of summer.

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