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Vidya Balan Defends Movie Kabir Singh, Says Actors Should Be Allowed To Do What They Want. So They Have No Social Responsibility?

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Dropped on most of us feminists as a bomb, and on the other more negligent and oblivious ones as great piece of cinema, the movie Kabir Singh, was misogynistic piece of crap that we at Hauterfly have slammed constantly.  And it might have spanned 3 hours in the theaters, but since its release in June 2019, has wriggled itself into our lives and every day conversations for months now. One of the most controversial pieces of cinema to hit the screens in recent times, Kabir Singh was a movie that single-handedly created a divide in the audience – those who called out the sexism and those who chose to only see the madness and mistake it for love. Needless to say, we were the former, but turns out the Mission Mangal actress begs to differ on the matter, as she recently spoke in the favour for the movie.

At one of the press events, when the Mission Mangal actress Vidya Balan was asked about the controversy stirred around  the movie Kabir Singh, her answer that came in support of the movie and Shahid Kapoor has left us rather unsettled. She said, “If you don’t like ‘Kabir Singh’, you should not go and watch it. If the actor liked it, he should be allowed to do it. Who are you to say that don’t make this film? In social media, if one person calls it (a film) regressive, then 100 others call it so and that continues.”

And not to sound one with a closed mind, but we don’t quite or actually at all, agree with the Mission Mangal actress here. The part where she simply states how indifference was the need of the hour, no actually, action is the need of the house. We love how she conveniently absolved the film fraternity of any responsibility and the impact they have on society. Not only are celebrities and movies the biggest influencers in shaping the mind of the youth, but they are often the reason people feel validated about certain thoughts and lifestyles.

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She further continued saying, “I don’t even think they know what regressive means. It has become necessary to be seen taking a stand that does not even matter. As actors, we are asked questions on all sorts of topics and we are supposed to take a stand. Sometimes you are not even aware of the subject being discussed. Why don’t they ask sportspersons that?” And although here, we do understand how the industry maybe stereotyped and put under greater scrutiny than anyone else, but we still believe that actors and actresses and movie makers, can’t just acquit themselves of the responsibility they have towards the million people that look up to them. Because at the end of the day, just because a person can do something, doesn’t always imply they should.

And that is perhaps why, when actors like Vidya Balan take a stand for a disturbing movie like Kabir Singh, we can’t help wonder what makes her say that. How it went beyond the lives of Kabir and Preeti in the movie, and eventually found its way to every roadside romeo who now believes it is okay to act in a certain manner, staking claim over a woman without her consent, abusing her because Kabir said it was okay.

We know we have gone on about it, but we will continue to make noise and keep making it until people stop talking rubbish.

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