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Veteran Actress Jane Fonda Says She Had Plastic Surgery Because She Believed She Had To Look Right To Be Loved

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All women, at some point in their lives, have felt incredibly uncomfortable in their own skin. It’s true. Chubby girls strive to be thinner and thin girls want some curves. It’s a vicious cycle that we are thrown into. Young girls are told to maintain their weight and apply ridiculous fairness creams to lighten their skin tone. Oh yeah, the rampant colourism in our country is a byproduct of all these horrendous beauty standards. 

Women all around the world are made to believe that if you want to be admired and loved, you have to look a certain way. Hence, the Barbie doll template. And there was a time where this logic widely believed. Although that is not surprising considering for a long time, celebrities endorsed ways to mould yourself into society’s idea of beauty. They themselves are forced to look and behave a certain way. The pressure on them is intense. Which is why a lot of celebrities in both Hollywood and Bollywood turn to plastic and corrective surgeries. Of course, only a few actresses like Shruti Hassan, Mia Khalifa and Britney Spears (to name a few) own up to it. 

Today though, we are talking about a veteran actress who has never shied away from talking about her corrective surgeries- Jane Fonda. The 82-year-old Grace and Frankie actress is a legend in her own right. Recently, in an interview with The Guardian, she spoke about what prompted her to go under the knife to get facelifts and breast implants. 

Jane said that she has always believed that if someone doesn’t look good they are not going to be “loved”. She told the Guardian that, “Well, no matter what I do, I’m stuck with this (idea): if you don’t look right, you’re not going to be loved. So I always wanted to try to look right. I think when you’re poor you cut yourself, and when you’re rich you have plastic surgery.” 

Yes, her reasoning is massively flawed. I don’t believe that you have to “look right” to be loved. Besides, who decided what look is right anyway? I would argue that beauty is subjective but what does it matter? 

You know, If societal beauty standards had a particular definition or a Wikipedia page, it would extremely similar to why Jane got plastic surgeries. We aren’t against corrective surgeries, since it’s a personal choice but when reasons like these come from a renowned celebrity it just strengthens the stronghold that unattainable beauty goals have on women and girls.  

Having said that, when you look at this from a different perspective, it’s kind of understandable. In her time, the pressure for a woman public figure to look dainty and perfect was immense. I’m sure it was way more than it is today. So for her to believe that a person needs to look a certain way to be loved makes sense. 

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Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of celebrities, veteran and young, have gone under the knife and while they aren’t particularly all open about it, there are a few who have discussed their experiences. Some say it was a choice while others say that the plastic surgeries helped them boost their confidence and morale. And then, of course, there are celebrities like Ariel Winter who got corrective surgeries for reasons related to their health. 

There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgeries but it is wrong to believe that you have to be a poster child of societal beauty standards to be loved.

In the same interview, Jane also talked about how she is much happier and stronger by herself than she was in any of her marriages.

She says, “(That part of my life) is gone. I can tell. It’s just over – I’ve closed up shop. I’m extremely happy on my own.” Further adding, “Whenever I’ve been with men who are not strong I’ve had a really hard time. I’m now five years older than my dad was when he died, and I’ve realised that I am, in fact, stronger than he was. I’m stronger than all the men that I’ve been married to.”

We really love her spirit!

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