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From Subscriptions To Steamy Couple Games, Here’s A List Of Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your BAE Will Love

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We know the drill of looking for the perfect gift can be tedious and at times extremely confusing. Especially when you’re already running late. Yes, because Valentine’s Day is on Monday, and you still haven’t got your hands on something special for your someone special. But before you panic and fall off your chair or bed or whatever, after reading this, there’s absolutely nothing to freak out about. Why? Because, while we’re here being the last snooze of your alarm, we’re also helping you in the hunt of that perfect present for your Valentine. So, without any further much-much let’s get into the video list.

Zodiac inspired gifts

We know the couple ‘twinning and winning’ drill looks stale and cheesy, but this one’s with a twist. Agree or disagree but we all at some point have read out the newspaper columns to know what the stars have in store, which is why the zodiac inspired gifts work as a great option this Valentine’s Day. From satin zodiac eye masks, coffee mugs to travel pouches, gift these oh-so-obvious products with a zodiac twist. And we’re sure they’ll love it.


Couple Subscriptions

One of the most unique ways to say “I love you,” subscriptions of all kinds are topping the gift guides and how. I mean, firstly it’s easily accessible, secondly quickly shoppable and thirdly quite special. Additionally, it is a great option for a lazy gift shopper. Foodie, musical or reader, couple special offers and pocket-friendly subscriptions of all kinds are available on Spotify, Desert cart, and more. So, go ahead, your gift is just a click away.


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Tote bags are the new cool and definitely the ready to shop accessory you need. From cotton, jute to personalised prints, gift your partner some funky, fashionable designs this Valentine’s day. And if you ask us, our favourite is this foldable bag, which is quirky and cool.

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Couple Games

Step away from traditional roses, and shop for these couple-special games. From Talk, Flirt, Dare to interactive card games, get to know your partner better with a fun-filled date night this Valentine’s day.


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Personalised And Perfect

While getting a personalised present in a day or two is a task we ain’t sure you can do, what definitely can help you out, are these printed love letters. We all love notes from our loved ones and especially on Valentine’s Day, hence these ‘letters to your love’ sets are perfect to izhaar your ishq. 

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Plants in the recent times, have sealed their spot in many gifting lists, courtesy of couples who look forward to becoming plant parents. Easily accessible and universally loved, rush to your nearest nursery and get a piece of nature for your loved one. PS– don’t forget to get them in cute, quirky pots like these.

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We all love combos right? They are tailor-made for confused shoppers. I mean, while you can’t stick to one, get your partner some extra goodies and I’m sure they won’t mind too. From stationery, food to wine, you can easily pick one from your nearby stores and curate a hamper of your own. Isn’t that easy and super cool?

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