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Utah Woman Happily Opts To Become The Surrogate Mother Of Her Son’s 5th Child And We Have Mixed Feelings!

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Sometimes when I come across unusual news, in the sense that I would not really have expected it all, it just makes me wonder if there is anything that cannot happen in today’s time. And each day because of this news, my vision broadens a little more. For instance, a piece of news has been reported from Utah, a U.S state where a mother agreed to carry her son’s child through surrogacy. To be really honest with you, the first glance of this news shocked me to the core, and then pushed me into a decent amount of pondering. A 56-year-old woman happily agrees to be pregnant with her son and daughter-in-law’s baby, okay, there are some more details to this story, that might you question this decision.

The woman whose name is Nancy Hauck is 56 years old and has not been pregnant for 26 years. But after this long break, she does decide to carry a baby in her womb, of course not hers but the son’s. She basically became the surrogate mother for her son’s 5th child. Ahh, yes, another intriguing piece of information in this news. The son and her wife Cambria already had two children, but since she could not get pregnant due to her hysterectomy, the grandmother opted to do it. Although, this decision was not randomly taken by Nancy, as per the news, and she had her doubts. But after the doctor’s consultation and before her menopause, Nancy conceived the baby. The son and the whole family are quite happy to welcome this new baby.


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Now, Twitter has a range of reactions to this, and I would like to say that I definitely agree with some. This is very rare news that we will come across, and it might take us some time to digest. So by the time, I make up my opinions on this news, let’s take a look at what the Twitterati had to say.

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Okay, this user has given deep thought to this news.

A different perspective to this news.

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The first thought that came to my mind was what is the obsession with having so many babies? I agree that it’s a personal choice but still, it somewhat does not really sit well with me. But then, a conflicting thought comes to my mind, that if the family is happy with these choices and nobody was forced into anything, then we might as well accept the ways of the world!

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