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21 Types Of Colleagues You’ll Meet In Every Office!

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Every company or organisation can be drastically different from the other — the work roles and job profiles can be poles apart and the work culture vastly varied, but what hardly ever changes is the kind of people who work there.

Once you switch jobs, you will realise that even though everything else has changed, the types of colleagues you meet are eerily similar. Every office has people enacting a particular role, fulfilling a specific task, designed especially for them.

Check out the kinds of co-workers everyone has and tell us which one you are in the comments below!



1.  The Know-It-All

This person will know everything from the weather on the day to what is trending, and even what your boss’s house help’s pet’s favourite food. They will boast like it’s the most natural thing to do.


2. The Grocery House

The colleague who has all the snacks in stock. People go to them to get their nibbles for the day. Definitely loved by one and all!


3. The Sleepy Head

The one who manages to find a quiet corner and doze off without anyone knowing — every day!


4. The Hot Chick

Every office has one. Mine just has way more than just one.


5. The Freeloader

You have no idea what this person’s role actually is and what work they really do in office.


6. The Omnipresent

You have never seen this person leave work. They are the first ones to come in and the last ones to leave. Always.


7. The Crib Master

This colleague will just whine and complain about everything and anything. Even if there isn’t a problem, they will make sure they find one.


8. The Self Appointed DJ

There is this one person who will play music really, really loud, completely ignoring the death stares that they get from everybody.



9. The Agony Aunt

Everyone goes to this colleague with their problems and issues. This person can start a part-time counselling business.


10. The Enthu Cutlet

They will say yes to every task given, reply to emails at 2 am, work overtime, and basically, do everything the boss says at the drop of a hat. Subtle ass lickers.


11. The Noisy Idiot

The decimal of their voice level can cause damage to ear drums.


12. The Husher

At any given point they will hush you and ask you to tone it down a little.


13. The Casanova

The colleague who makes it seem like they are paid to flirt with everyone.


14. The Chandler

They are the office comedians and it is in their nature to keep the whole office in splits.


15. The Pet Lover

One way or another, they will manage to bring their pets into every conversation.


16. The Gossip Girl

No secret is hidden from them and they know everything about the office politics. You will see them snooping around every now or then, too.


17. The Screamer

No phone call or meeting is complete without this person abusing at least once at the top of their voice.


18. The Wander-lost

The person who is always on leave and makes it look like their job is to be on vacation.


19. The Borrower

Whether it’s a pen or a cigarette, these people borrow anything in sight and never return them.


20. The Talker

They can talk non-stop, without breathing. Doesn’t matter whether you are in the loo, having coffee, or busy with work, they will plop themselves down and start the preaching.


21. The Cool Dude

Everyone wants to be friends with this person, but they are selective in how they choose their company.


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