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#TurmericLatte: Hipsters Have Now Taken Over Haldi Doodh!

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Like that cousin who went to the airport once and came back with an accent and an anglicized name, the erstwhile humble haldi doodh has gotten an international makeover that’s bowling over hipsters from Sydney to San Francisco.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Turmeric Latte, America’s take on the haldi milk you grew up hating since you were 5 and down with a cold. It also goes by the name ‘Golden Milk’ in some circles.

Turmeric Latte has been the biggest hit in cafes lining San Francisco and has seen soaring popularity across the United States. There’s also been a trickle-down effect and now the drink can be found in cafes across the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and more. Is this the beginning of a global takeover? We think so!

Get this: haldi doodh, no, sorry, Turmeric Latte is so popular right now that it’s even in contention for the title of hottest drink of 2016’. WAIT, what?

You can chalk that up to turmeric’s fantastic anti-inflammatory, restorative, antioxidant properties, and we honestly can’t blame everyone else for jumping onto India’s worst-kept secret. Slowly but surely, we’ll try to recover from this hipster takeover of haldi doodh, just like we did when the West went kinda crazy about coconut oil, “naan bread”, and ghee in the not-so-recent past.

Check out how some people have been featuring  #turmericlatte in their Instagram photos.


Just discovered Turmeric and Ginger lattes… All kinds of amazing!… just look at that colour ✨

A photo posted by Sharda Adolph ? (@eat_to_bite) on





We can’t wait for the desi hipster brigade to line up in front of their fave coffee house, demanding their morning cup of ‘Golden Mylk’ soon!

Go ahead, haldi, enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

Latte love,

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