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Savi Munjal: “To Be A Successful Blogger, You Need Self-Discipline & Motivation”

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Travel bloggers Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja of Bruised Passports met 18 years ago in high school. After dating for more years than they can count, they got married, and today, they travel the world together, chronicling their journeys and discoveries. Sounds like the ideal life, doesn’t it?

They chat with Hauterfly about how they got started and how they keep going, checking off one country after the other on their endless bucket list.


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Vid and I have travelled to over 50 countries. After we crossed the 50-country mark, we decided to channel our love for travel and photography into a blog.

We worked on our website, learnt the basics of digital marketing, website design, SEO, and video editing (the list is endless), all while juggling full-time jobs in London. Our emphasis was always 2-pronged – to produce high quality content and garner readers that feel like family.

Our first vacation together was to Thailand, almost 13 years ago — we were still in university and worked part-time jobs to pay for the trip. We had an incredible time and that was when we decided we wanted to see more of the world.

Finally, after 10 years of travelling, and 2 and a half years of juggling full-time jobs and blogging, we transitioned to a location-independent model of working. Now we travel full time and work as professional travel bloggers and a photographer/journalist duo.

Contrary to popular perception, to be a successful blogger (or to be successful in any entrepreneurial venture), you need rigorous self discipline and motivation. I think the fact that you have to be your own model, photographer, writer, editor, stylist, marketing manager, and technical support is one of the toughest parts of being a blogger!

But it’s also the most rewarding and fun, because it involves constantly challenging yourself. Sure, it’s hard, but we love every bit of it.


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Our last holiday was to France, just to wind down in the countryside, and the last work assignment was to Seychelles for a photography assignment for the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Your top three reccos for 2017?

1. Iceland – It’s one of our favourite countries, especially if you enjoy roadtrips

2. Lapland – Go for the Northern Lights and stay in an igloo

3. Peru – It has everything from beaches and history to panoramas and culture. We love it so much.

Beaches or mountains?

We love beaches but prefer mountains.

Backpacking or luxury?

We have a soft spot for luxury.

Hotels or AirBnb?

Hotels for shorter trips, apartment for longer trips.

Best places for Indians to travel to, in terms of budget and visa?

I’d say the USA. There is so much to see and once you get a visa, it lasts 10 years. Bali, Indonesia, is amazing if you are on a budget, and it allows visa-free entry if you travel on an Indian visa.


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Hidden gem in India?

We love the little villages of Rajasthan – so much colour and history!

What’s your most and least favourite part of travelling together?

Both of us have travelled solo a fair bit, but we really enjoy travelling together, so we can’t think of any downsides of it, per se. But our favourite part would have to be sharing experiences and memories with each other. Travelling frequently can often lead to a sensory overload — it’s fun to have someone to share (and reminisce) it with.

Next adventure?

Slovenia – we’ve seen almost all of Europe but haven’t checked Slovenia off our list yet!

Any tips for women who want to explore the world solo?

The world’s a friendlier place than you think. Don’t be intimidated at the prospect of exploring an unfamiliar place – carry common sense, an open mind, and your smile along, and you’ll definitely have an amazing time.


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