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6 Tips To Stay Productive While Travelling!

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Travelling is always on the top of our minds, isn’t it? But travel is not always fun and games…ever heard of traveling on business? Yeah. While that may be fun for many, I know of a lot of people who dread going off on business trips. When asked why, they only give me this. “How are you supposed to work and be productive when all you want to do is have some fun?”

So today, I decided to help out. If you’re facing a similar dilemma, we have the fix. If you’re an entrepreneur or a blogger, you’re going to have to work, business trip or not! It’s difficult to stay productive and dedicated to your work when there’s a whole new country waiting to be explored! It’s difficult to sit by the desk, tapping away at your keyboard, or making phone call after phone call. But let me promise you this. If you know how to plan and prioritise, half the job is done. It will give you enough time to explore and do what you like!

Ready to know more? Scroll on to read about 6 tips to help you stay productive while traveling.

1. Switch Your Phone To Airplane Mode

Isn’t it annoying when you’re buried in work and the ping of a text message or the ringing of your phone breaks your concentration? Small disturbances like these create a break in your work flow, which can easily be avoided. Put your phone on airplane mode or switch it off altogether to keep interruptions at bay.

2. Find Your Golden Hour

There are certain times of the day when we’re all at our productive best, a.k.a the golden hour. No kidding. Some of us are night-owls, who work better post sunset. Some others like to rise with the sun and work alongside the twittering birds. Find out what your quiet time is, when your creative juices are at their peak, and try to wrap up your work during this period.

3. Use The Right Time To Respond To Mail

When you’re traveling, there are times when you’re faced with a delayed flight, waiting to check in to or out of a hotel room, made to wait while your vehicle is being re-fueled, etc. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and doing precious little, use this time wisely to check and respond to mails. That way, when you have some free time later in the day, you can spend it doing what you like.

4. Have A Daily Goal

It is important to decide how much of your work you want to finish every day. Set a daily goal and once you reach it, stop working. Don’t push yourself beyond limit — it’s counter-productive. We’re only human, after all! Once you’ve achieved your target, shut down that laptop, and hit the great outdoors.

5. Listen To Music

Music has worked as a muse for hundreds of people. It inspires people to do their best and helps them achieve great results. So plug in those ear-phones and listen to songs that put you at ease. You will end up working better and maybe even faster!

6. Try To Avoid Too Much Coffee

I can understand the need to down cup after cup of coffee while working. It keeps you awake, but it isn’t as great as you think. Apparently, drinking a lot of coffee keeps you awake for a while, but makes you drowsy later, which means you end up oversleeping the next morning. So try to steer away from or at least bring down your frequency of drinking coffee. Drinking water is a better option — it keeps you hydrated and focused.


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