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Neha Ralli: “It’s Better To Walk Alone Than To Wait For Company”

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Known as The Himalayan Girl, travel blogger Neha Ralli is happiest when she’s surrounded by mountain peaks and in the company of the clouds. Trekking and travelling since she was in the 5th grade, Neha now works a job she loves to travel to places she loves. Sounds like the perfect life to us! She chats with Hauterfly about how she pulls off doing what we all probably want to do.


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The Beginning Of Wanderlust

I was born and brought up in Kullu. I remember when I was young, our school would take us hiking every year. The first time this happened was when we were in class 5 and went to a village called Diyar in Kullu. I guess that’s when it all began. We used to go on family trips, as well, to places like Bijlimahadev, Prashar Rishi, Sreolsar Lake, Kheerganga, Lahoul, etc.

The most exciting thing about these trips was that I’d get a chance to use my father’s camera. I was happiest with a camera in my hand.


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Travel & Life

I have a job here, in Dharamshala, and travelling is something that I do on weekends and other holidays. I have not let my job affect my hiking. I love them both, and thankfully, I’m able to balance both well.

Travelling becomes a source of income when people approach me to review certain places or write articles on travel. So the extra money in my pocket allows me to spend more on travelling.

One tip for those who want to travel and manage their expenses is to start with your own blogs and stay active on social media, so that the world can see your work. You can also approach travel agencies, or they will approach you themselves, and will pay you well for articles written for their websites. Some may even take care of all your expenses while travelling.

And if you’re into photography, you can sell your pictures online or participate in photography competitions as well.

But a word of caution. Many people think that travelling for work is a fun, easy job. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. Sure, traveling is fun and exciting, but, at the same time, you need to keep earning money to sustain your travel, because you need food and shelter, as well. But if you have already made a mark in the travel industry, things will be easier for you — more people will come to you on their own.


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Most Recent Adventure

The last hike I went for was to Thatharna, in Dharamshala. It’s a beautiful mountain top from where you can see Triund Mountain, Dhauladhar Range, and the whole of the Kangra valley.

Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is scary for those who haven’t ever tried it. But once you get a taste of travelling alone, you’ll start enjoying it. Don’t be afraid, as fear attracts the eyes of the unknown around you. Be bold and free. Pack your bags and travel to a place you’ve been longing to go.

Do plenty of research so that you’re not clueless on the trip or when you reach the destination. Keep a small notepad with all the important contact details in it. If you’re observant about your surroundings and people, everything can be dealt with.

Like I say, “It’s better to walk alone than to wait for company and never come up with a plan. You yourself are your best company.”

The Best & Worst

The best part of travelling is reaching the mountain top. That satisfactory feeling of accomplishing something is new every time. And the least favorite is when you leave that place. It’s like a part of you is left there forever.


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Top 3 reccos for 2017: 
Pin Parvati trek, Hampta Pass, and Kareri Lakec

Beaches or mountains?
Always mountains

Backpacking or luxury?

Hotels or AirBnb?

India’s hidden gem?
North East

Next adventure?
I am looking forward to hike the 7 Lakes Trek in the Dhauladhar Range, Dharamshala, this year. Fingers Crossed 😉


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