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7 Budget Island Getaways That Are Perfect For A Vacay With Your Girls!

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When someone says they’re going on a beach holiday, I automatically assume the destination is Goa. But don’t you think it’s high time we gave other beaches a chance? And what better option than the gorgeous islands of South East Asia!

Clear blue waters, powdery soft sands, and delicious tropical food – life doesn’t get better than this. Oh wait, but it does! What if you celebrate your NYE on one of these islands, and welcome 2018 in style? Or in comfort. You choose.

Contrary to what we think, these international vacays are light on the pocket and are guaranteed to keep a smile plastered on your face long into the new year!

Scroll down to see 9 amazing islands that you can pick for the most memorable New Year’s Eve ever.

1. Pom Pom Island, Malaysia

Quite frankly, the name is enough to entice me to visit this stunning location. Rich in biodiversity, if you love the ocean, this coral reef island in the Celebes Sea is for you.

Plus, diving is more than just an adventure activity, it is an experience that will enrich your soul. Enjoy the experience with your gang this NYE, and wash away all your worries!

2. Palawan Island, Philippines

One of the top 10 islands of the world, Palawan is a sight for the sore eyes. Emerald sea surrounded by cliffs, the scenery looks straight out of a fairy tale.

With mountains as high as 28000 metres in the middle of the sea, it is the best of both worlds! Something for those who love trekking, and of course, the water babies.

Flight tickets to Philippines are as cheap as Rs 15,000, and that only means you need to book NOW!

3. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Home to the giant Komodo lizards, this island probably has the perfect holiday picture spots. From Gili Lava, a cliff in the centre giving you a breathtaking view of the zigzag reefs, to the Pink sand beach where snorkelling is a bliss, this island has so much to offer.

Sign up for a star-gazing experience, or visit the little villages to hang out with the locals. If you stay overnight on the island, you will see hundreds of bats in the sky! Don’t worry, it’s an amazing sight!

4. Baros Island, Maldives

If you’re looking to just relax and spending some quality time with your close ones, head to Baros in Maldives.

When a resort is more famous than the island, you have to talk about it. Named after the island itself, Baros that has floating rooms in the ocean.

Perfect for a romantic NYE getaway, you can cruise around the resort, enjoy a private dinner in the middle of nowhere, or just take in the awesomeness that is nature!

5. Similan Island, Thailand

Boasting of white sands and beautiful corals, this almost deserted island is away from civilisation and commercial nuisance. Similan which means ‘nine’ in Malay, is a cluster of nine little islands.

Huge boulders that appear randomly in the ocean make for Instagram-worthy backgrounds. Sailing and diving are quite popular, and if you’re keen on a crash course, there are plenty on offer!

6. Macleod Island, Burma

Similar to the above places, Macleod in Burma is for those who want a quite place to literally just chill.

With nothing much to do, this island is heavenly for those who want to disconnect from the world. Boating is popular with many tours at your disposal. It is sunny throughout the year, so a good tan is guaranteed.

7. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

If history is what catches your interest, then you need to head to Cat Ba in Vietnam. This island has historic ruins and weapons from World War 2 on display… in the middle of the jungle. Yup, that’s right.

Canon Hill offers a killer view of the island and of the Japanese ruins. With surroundings that will give you goosebumps, this island also has caves that are turned into rooms! These caves were safe houses during the war, so it doesn’t get more real than this.


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