This Woman Put Up Fliers All Around Her City Shaming Her Husband For Cheating On Her And Abandoning Their Family. He Had It Coming

This Woman Put Up Fliers All Around Her City Shaming Her Husband For Cheating On Her And Abandoning Their Family. He Had It Coming

I have never understood how two people who were once madly in love can just be friends after their breakup. I would never be able to casually hang out with any of exes, the whole concept sounds so alien. If my boyfriend and I were to break up because he cheated on me, I would bring the roof down. Probably start plotting revenge. Although after reading about what this woman did when her husband cheated on her, I clearly have a lot to learn. 

Before I tell you what she did, let me remind you of a little quote by William Congreve- “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. It is indeed very true. At least it is in this scenario. 

You see, when this woman found out her husband was cheating on her, put up fliers all over her city calling him out. She and her husband, well ex-husband now I’m sure, have two children together. Yikes. The fliers had a picture of their family, accompanied by some fascinating text. 

The fliers put around her city read, “ABANDONED his wife and kids in NY to come to RTC and screw MILFs! (and for a cr***y gov’t job!) Some neighbour you have! He’s still married and living with another woman. POLICE: Please cite him for adultery – class 4 misdemeanour according to Virginia code.” 

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She publicly humiliated him for abandoning his family. I have to add, this is exactly what I thought would happen if Chuck Bass every cheated on Blair Waldorf. It’s such a Gossip Girl thing to do.  

Anyway, is it only me or is this very funny? Of course, not for the woman or her family but in general. Like, this would go on the revenge hall of fame. 

These posters went viral when someone posted them on Reddit. People were lauding her revenge, but they were also upset that this couple dragged their children into this mess. Which makes sense, but when a man abandons his family, there is no way the children can be left out of it. Maybe she could’ve handled this a tad more delicately instead of airing her dirty laundry in public. Or maybe, he could’ve not cheated on her. 

This woman proved that men can’t just leave their family out of the blue and expect there to be no consequences. It’s messed up. He honestly had it coming. 

Disclaimer: Please do not pick up any ideas from this story.

Mitali Shah

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