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This Woman From Jharkhand Was Beaten To Death After Being Accused Of Practising Witchcraft. This Is Messed Up

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I don’t need to tell you that India is an unsafe place for women. I am sure you already know. It seems as though the men in our country have taken a vow to never let us forget that fact. Women are blamed for everything that goes wrong and they are punished for it, more often than not, with violence. When that aggression towards women is intertwined with superstitions and hearsay, it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. 

In the last few months, the numbers for dowry, child marriages, domestic abuse, rapes, sexual assaults have drastically surged. And along with it, deaths and rapes related to superstitions and blind faith have also increased. Just last month, a man decapitated a woman and carried her head to the police station because he believed she was into witchcraft and had led to the death of his son. So, I say it again – women are not safe in this country. 

Speaking of murder and witchcraft, recently, another very similar case has come to light. A woman in Jharkhand was beaten to death after her relative and a few villagers believed she practised witchcraft.  

This incident took place on Monday in Jharkhand’s Giridih district. The 30-year-old victim, Geeta Devi had just reached her in-laws’ house the same morning. As soon as she reached, her relative and neighbour Munshi Mahto along with 10-15 villagers barged in and started thrashing her. 

When Geeta’s brother, daughter and mother-in-law tried to stop them, they were beaten up as well. She was then taken out on the street and lynched until she died. 

An FIR has been filed as per the complaint by her mother-in-law. The police theorize that Geeta was beaten to death because the people believed that she practised black magic. Gawan police station officer-in-charge Parmeswar Singh said, “On the complaint of deceased’s mother-in-law, an FIR has been lodged against Munshi Mahto and others in this connection. The body has been sent to Giridih Sadar hospital for post-mortem.” 

According to reports, Mahto’s family had accused Geeta of practising witchcraft after Mahto’s son died a few weeks ago. Following his death, they had threatened to kill Geeta. She fled to her father’s house to get away from Mahto and his family but as soon as she got back, she was killed. 

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I wish this were as shocking as it is tragic, but it’s not. India is so plagued by these bullshit superstitions and kangaroo courts that people often refuse to see reason. There is no proof that Geeta was practising witchcraft and the last time I checked, this is not Salem nor is it the 1500s. Mahto needed something or someone to blame for his son’s death, and he blamed Geeta. Again, not surprising or unprecedented. 

When I think about it, all we need is a strict law preventing crimes like this. But is that enough? Will a law change the mentality of the people? I mean, that is the real problem here, isn’t it? 

India is a country that is rife with beliefs and faith. And while, on paper, there is nothing wrong with that, when those beliefs lead to the brutal death of people, I would say it’s problematic. Action needs to be taken.

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