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This Woman And Her Boyfriend Were Arrested For Showing Her Minor Niece Pornography. It’s Digusting.

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This pandemic-induced quarantine proved to be a period where everyone was forced to introspect at one point or another. These are trying times that have taught us a lot about ourselves and what we are willing to do in order to survive. If I talk about myself, this past year has made me more guarded. That is a complete contrast to my old, reckless self. When you do what I do, your perception and world-view are bound to keep changing and evolving. I used to see everything in black and white. But nothing is that simple, is it? Especially when you are a woman and are forced to constantly look over your shoulder and sleep with one eye open.

Every second day incidents and cases cross my desk where a woman or a young girl has been exploited or misbehaved with. It gives rise to cautious scepticism and forces me to ask questions people never thought of asking before. Like for instance, why would a woman, along with a boyfriend, partake in molesting and misbehaving with her teenage niece? The case that I am going to share today is a very bizarre one. 

You see, a 30-year-old woman filed a complaint against her sister and her sister’s boyfriend for molesting her 16-year-old daughter. This incident took place in Pune and the complaint has been filed with the Kondhwa police on Friday. 

The police have arrested the aunt and her boyfriend under IPC 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) and Section 8 and 12 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) 2012. 

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Kondhwa police station in-charge Vinayak Gaikwad said that the incident took place sometime during the lockdown. 

He said, “The victim’s mother, who stayed at the city’s suburb, had dropped four of her children, including the girl, at her sister’s place in Undri in April. It was during this period that the maternal aunt was visited by her boyfriend. According to the complainant, the aunt and her boyfriend used to show the minor porn clips against her wish. The teenager narrated her ordeal to her mother when she returned home for Eid and the latter lodged a case.” 

This is honestly very disgusting. Why would you show your 16-year-old niece porn and then misbehave with her? Just the thought makes me sick to my stomach. The only takeaway I see from this unfortunate incident is that girls are not even safe with their family members. Besides, your aunt is that last person you would expect something as gross as this from. Honestly, this whole situation seems very weird. Even if you keep aside the family angle, why would any woman want to traumatize a 16-year-old child in this manner? 

Although, there is an unexpected twist to this case. According to the police, the aunt and her boyfriend, who were arrested on Friday, tested positive for the coronavirus. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that’s divine vengeance. 

The police said, “The court issued a direct jail warrant as it is a serious crime, but jail authorities refused to take them. We are now in the process of admitting them to Sassoon hospital for medical treatment after which a final call will be taken. The duo confessed to their involvement in the crime.” 

More than anything, this case is very shocking. Every time I read about a case like this, I always wonder how the accused thought it was acceptable to do this? It’s utterly ridiculous. I am so glad the police arrested them and they will be going to jail.

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