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This Video Of A Daughter Playing Water Pranks On Her Daddy Is The Cutest. And Her Laugh Has Everyone Smiling

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As kids, most of us loved playing pranks on our siblings and several of us would do that even as adults if we know our siblings won’t punch us in the face. Being the youngest I always got away with playing pranks on my elder sisters. In fact, they too pulled off hilarious ones on me and all of us ganged up on my cousin bro whenever he came for summer holidays. But if we had tried half of those practical jokes on my parents, they would probably throw us out or so we feared because Indian parents aren’t your regular gentle kind.

However, a video of a little girl pranking her daddy is breaking the internet as people are finding it a mix of cute, funny, adorable and all things that makes you go aww. In the video, you can see the daughter carrying a glass of water towards her sleeping dad while her mom is recording the whole thing. As she empties half of the glass on him, he wakes up to her cute but evil laugh and a tsunami over his face.

In that moment, he looks at his cute daughter innocently laughing at him and feeling so proud of pulling off this prank. And he just melted! He just couldn’t get mad at his baby and maintained a smile. Wow, that must have been so difficult; I get mad even if someone speaks to me before coffee. But I guess parenting teaches you patience and kindness. Also, what can you do when the person you love the most is standing there with the most fetching look on their face?

Twitter users have been adoring the father’s patience and also poking fun at him. “This is so cute with my beautiful smile,he was pissed but tried so hard to conceal and smile for his baby and that’s pure love,” a user tweeted. The little girl’s daredevil-ness is also being appreciated as her laughter makes it even more difficult to be mad at her. “She laughs like a super villain,” a Twitter user wrote. Someone suggested she should join the Practical Jokers as their tiny 5th member. A user asked, “Has she been signed for Practical Jokers yet?”

Another user shared her experience when she pranked her grandma as a child and how she got back at her. “When I was little I did this to my grandma and she didn’t move and pretended to be dead for 5 min until I started crying, cause she wanted to teach me a lesson/punish me,” they wrote. And seems like the father-duo too have been getting back at each other in this water war.

Curiosity led me to dig deeper into the lives of this father-daughter duo and what I found was a couple of videos of their water war. It seems like it was the daughter who started it but they have been at it with none of them backing down. The little girl usually attacks him while he is asleep.

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He too got back at her. There’s a video in which he splashed water on her face with a bottle. The cutest thing? She too looked visibly annoyed in that one but seems like she too learned patience and being a sport from her father. This duo is what father-daughter goals are!

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