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This Turkish Chef Makes Cakes The Look Exactly Like Household Items. She’s Getting People To Wonder What It Would Be Like If Everything Was Made Of Cake

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We have been under lockdown for God knows how many months. Honestly, I have lost count of months, weeks and days that I have spent lying down on my couch and walking around aimlessly in my house. When the lockdown was first put in place everyone was on their toes and eager to do things around the house. Now? All everyone does is mindlessly scroll through social media and binge-watch a show that’s not even that good. 

If 2020 was a mood, I think it would be the feeling you get when you’re sitting in bed after a long arduous day, on the brink of tears, stuffing your face with spoonfuls of cake. Wouldn’t you agree? Although now, there is no way we can get any cake. Except if we make it ourselves. Yeah, that’s not a very good option. 

Although, what if I told you that everything you see around you, is made of cake? Yes, you would think I was crazy but once you get past that, I am sure you would be intrigued. The same way we were when we first saw this video of Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil and her stunning collection of cakes that uncannily look like household objects. 

The collection includes a croc shoe, a toilet paper roll, an aloe vera plant and even a bar of soap (with foam). However, out of all those cakes, my absolute favourite was the one that looked like a pepperoni pizza. Two of my favourite dishes in one. This is like any foodie and dessert lovers paradise. 

The video left me stunned. Surely, the cakes look like actual household items and until someone doesn’t cut into it, there is no way to tell the difference. If you think about it, it’s kind of freaky. A universe where everything is made up of cake, how cool would that be?! 

Needless to say, this video went so viral it practically broke the internet. All you could see everywhere were hilarious cake memes. Soon enough, the hashtag #EverythingIsCake started trending online. Netizens were posting more videos of normal everyday household objects, that when cut open was in fact, cake. And now, these super realistic looking cakes have sent people into a spiralling thought- what if everything is actually made of cake?! What a thought! 

Think about it for a second, isn’t there some part you (deep, deep down) that wants this to be true? Just imagine living in a world made of delicious cakes. You know what, this is a great conversation to have when you are well, eating a sandwich (only HIMYM will get this one). 

These memes were out of control. One person tried cutting a tissue paper box to see if it was actually made of cake. And another one said that we are always unconscious during surgeries because the government doesn’t want us to know we are all secretly made of cake. Wow, I love a good conspiracy theory but these are really hilarious.

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 Check out some of the most hilarious memes.

You know, with the current scenario, I really think everyone would benefit if everything was actually made of cake. I also think that after months of captivity, everyone’s boredom and creativity levels are off the charts.

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