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This Tribal Woman Was Beaten With Sticks And Publicly Humiliated For Living With Her Second Husband.

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In an ideal world, gender would just be a biological concept. It wouldn’t play any role in our society and everyone would be treated equally. There wouldn’t be any double-standards and everyone, despite their gender, would possess the same rights. This gender-equality would automatically bring down the rampant hypocrisy of our society and there would be no kangaroo courts severely punishing women for the smallest of things. But alas, we don’t live in an ideal world. If anything, our world is more dystopian than idealistic. Women, especially tribal women, are subjected to beatings and public humiliations for every small error they make. Just look at this tribal woman from Madhya Pradesh who was thrashed with sticks and forced to carry a kid on her shoulders and walk 3 km all because she is living with her second husband. Remind me, what would happen if a man left one woman for another? Oh, wait, absolutely nothing.

This incident comes to light from Madhya Pradesh’s Guna district. A tribal woman was beaten up and forced to carry a child on her shoulders for three kilometres all because she was left her first husband and was living with her second husband. I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that a woman was punished for leaving her husband and remarrying (which isn’t a crime) or that locals chose to make videos instead of coming forward to help her when she was being publically humiliated.

According to reports, a few days ago, the woman’s first husband and some of his relatives went to the woman’s house to beat her up. After this, she was paraded around the village with a child on her shoulders. SP Rajiv Kumar Mishra told Aaj Tak, “A woman from the tribal community has been abused in the name of tradition by the villagers, which is a condemnable act. This entire case is being investigated closely and an FIR has been registered against 4 people, including the first husband. Three accused have been arrested in the case, another is absconding who will be arrested soon.”

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This is not a tradition, it’s textbook oppression. The prevalent mentality, which is stronger in tribal communities, favours the men no matter what. They can do what they want but a woman who puts as much as a toe out of line will be severely punished. Also, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that this woman was tortured and publically humiliated for brutally hurting the first husband’s ego. But none of this is surprising.

What shocked me the most is the fact that none of the locals even tried to help the woman. While she was being paraded around the village, they stood around making videos of the incident. It’s disappointing and shameful.

These punishments really reflect the double-standards and the backward mentality of our population.

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