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Man Blackmails And Extorts Rs 33 Lakh From A Woman. Threatens To Release Intimate Pics

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One of the most famous episodes of FRIENDS is the one where Ross is hilariously trying to teach Rachel and Pheobe the concept of Unagi. The way he explains it, more like demonstrates it, he learned in his ‘kara-te’ classes that Unagi is a state of total awareness. And even though his entire concept was horribly wrong (Unagi is a freshwater eel), he might’ve been onto something when he said we should constantly be alert and on guard. It’s something most parents teach their daughters because let’s face it, India is no haven for women. It’s something this woman from Nagpur learned the hard way when her estranged boyfriend blackmailed her and extorted nearly Rs 33 lakhs over a period of 2 years. It’s cases like these that keep me up at night and give rise to my major trust issues.

The accused, identified by the Nagpur police as Pankaj Patial, lives in Uttrakhand and works as a hotel manager. He met the victim back in 2017 when she visited his Nagpur hotel for an interview. Pankaj allegedly sexually assaulted her and later kept promising that they would get married. Little did the victim know that not only was Panjaj already married but this entire affair was a well-planned ruse to bleed her dry.

According to reports, Pankaj began regularly asking the victim to transfer large sums of money to him so he could start hotels. After a while, he began evading the promise he made to her. During a fight the two had about that, Pankaj revealed that he had private and intimate photographs of the victim and started blackmailing her. Fearing that he would leak those private photos, the victim drained her savings of 11 lakhs and gave them to him.

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But the blackmail didn’t end there. Pankaj would regularly ask for more money. The victim then borrowed nearly Rs 20 lakh from two people to pay him off. Before all this, Pankaj had already taken 5 tola gold and Rs 2 lakh from her on the pretext of his sick and ailing mother.

All in all, the complainant paid the accused nearly Rs 33 lakh plus 5 tolas of gold. However, when his hotel plans in Nagpur failed, he fled to Uttrakhand without returning any of the money or gold. That’s when the woman approached the police who filed an FIR and arrested Pankaj and his wife for blackmail and extortion. Police officials on the case also suspect that Pankaj might’ve defrauded people before to start his own hotel business.

It’s a shame that men think it’s okay to just dupe and take advantage of women as and when they please. We hope that Pankaj and his wife are given harsh punishments for all they’ve done.

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