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This Little Girl Crashed Her Mother’s Interview On Live TV With Pressing Matters Related To Her Unicorn. It’s The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See!

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At the cost of sounding rather slightly cold-hearted and entirely non-maternal, I will admit that I have spent the better of my life not wanting children. From toddlers to young teens, kids have always been a handful for me, and I’ve managed to steer clear of them even at mandatory family meetings. I am that cousin/aunt that smiles at them and then doesn’t know what to do with them.  But as I am growing up, I admit that I do think what it would be like to have kids of my own. Would they look like me? Dance like me? Will it be a boy or a girl? I wonder. I find myself almost coming around to the idea of having kids in the future. And this video of a 4-year-old British girl crashing her mother’s online interview is all the more reason to consider having them!

As the coronavirus pandemic has pushed entire cities back in to their homes, with work now being done with video calls and through laptop screens, every thing has gone digital now. Even interviews. And so, when Clare Wenham, an assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, was discussing coronavirus restrictions in Leicester, England, with BBC News anchor Christian Fraser from her home, things got a little awww-kward when her 4 year old daughter walked in.

Scarlett Wenhan could bee seen walking into the background, crying for her mother’s attention and then when that didn’t help, climbing on top of her work desk, all the while her mom was on the national news. Clare tried to shoo her away, place her down, but little Scarlett had come in with a mission and wasn’t going to rest until she completed that.

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Seen in the background once again only minutes later, Scarlett was impatiently deciding where to place the picture of her beautiful unicorn and shifting it between the shelves to find the perfect spot. That is when the news anchor jumped in to tell her that, “Scarlett, I think it looks best on the lower shelf . . . and it’s a lovely unicorn.”

Jumping in front of the screen, Sacrlett in turn asked her mom what the new anchor’s name was, post which Christian joked, “This is the most informative interview I’ve done all day.” And just like that, an interview that was about numbers, statistics and data collated on the Covid-19 cases, was made much more enjoyable, all because of the little cute quirks of a child. No wonder kids make everything better!

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