This Girl From MP Pedalled 24 kms Every Day To Attend School And She Scored 98.75% In Her Class 10 Exams. She’s Such An Inspiration

This Girl From MP Pedalled 24 kms Every Day To Attend School And She Scored 98.75% In Her Class 10 Exams. She’s Such An Inspiration

We have often heard our parents telling us the stories about how they used to travel kilometres, cross a river, cycled across villages and, I don’t know, fought a bear probably, to reach school every day. They obviously did a few of these things ( I am placing my bets on the bear bit) but it’s hard to imagine someone from our generation busting a gut like that just to go to school and study. I mean, I literally used to miss my bus (deliberately) just to skip school sometimes.

I hated school but that’s clearly not the case for this 15-year old girl from a small village in Madhya Pradesh who showed unwavering determination to go to school. Roshani Bhadoriya, a farmer’s daughter from Ajnol village of Bhind district in MP’s Chambal region used to travel 24 kms to her school on her cycle for days, be it rain or scorching hot outside.

Not only that, she managed to scored 98.75% in her class X exams. The Class 10 result of MP Board was declared on Saturday and everyone in Ajnol is happy and proud of Roshani’s achievements.

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Roshani used to travel by a school bus till class 8 but later shifted to a different school Mehgaon Government Girls’ School which was about 12 kms from her village and access was severely limited because the school didn’t have any transport facility. Her father, Purushottam Bhadoriya, said in an interview with PTI, “Since Roshani got enrolled in Class 9 of Mehgaons Government Girls’ School two years back, she had to cycle to reach school on several days due to unavailability of other modes of transport like taxis.”

But that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Rather, she started commuting by her cycle every day to and from her school. After pedalling for 24 kms, she used to study for seven to eight hours a day. Roshani said, “It was difficult to go to school on a bicycle. Though I didn’t count, I cycled for about 60 to 70 days a year to reach the school. My father also took me to school on his motorcycle whenever he had time.” Her hard work paid off and she secured 8th rank in the merit list of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education’s Class 10 exams.

It’s saddening how so many children from small villages in India, unfortunately, still don’t have the transport facilities to even attend school and have to resort to such measures just to get education. Roshani’s father has said he will arrange some transportation facility for his daughter for her next session so that she can go to school every day. Roshani wants to pursue civil services and become an IAS officer after school. That’s the kind of Monday Motivation we needed. We wish her all the best!

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