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This Desi Mom’s Reaction To Daughter’s Gucci Belt Worth 35k Is So Hilarious. It’s Every Indian Mom Ever

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When I buy something and my mom or my grandmom asks me how much it cost, I just don’t tell them the original amount. I tell them an amount that is significantly less than what it actually is. The thing is, I know my mom will look at me like I just bought a gold toilet and disapprove it’s worth. Is it just me or most moms are like that? It’s adorable but it also scares me so I just hope she won’t ask me the price of things I buy. I am a terrible liar and I know by now she knows that it is more than what I claim it is.

Recently, a cute AF video went viral after a mom just couldn’t believe her daughter got a belt for Rs. 35,000. Instagram user Chabi Gupta shared the video in which her mom is opening a box containing the red and green Gucci belt.

First things first, the adorable mom asked her daughter why she bought a belt. And she smartly responded, “To wear!” I mean, yes, when my parcels arrive, my mom is equally savage about things. She asks me, “When and where are you going to wear it?” since the pandemic has us all locked in.

When she looked at the belt closely, she exclaimed that it is similar to Delhi Public School’s belt that goes over their uniform, only if they replace the buckle. That’s a Gucci belt being compared to DPS’s! The daughter bursts out laughing.

But the real cuteness unfolded when she asked how much it cost her. Chabi revealed it’s for 35k and that left the mom shocked. She asked what’s so special about the belt! She said the same belt could be bought for 150! Well, she isn’t wrong though the quality wouldn’t be the same. This is so relatable. My mom would have the same reaction if I bought something that expensive!

Watch the video here:

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The video went viral as netizen were left in splits!  “Oh My God! You made me remember how my Bua’s would tell me things when I went shopping,” wrote Ritcha Verma, a blogger. Another user wrote, “@Gucci watching this like “Kya karu mai belt banana chhor du??!” A user wrote how their mom would have asked to return it asap! “Had it been my mom, she would have definitely asked to return it at the earliest,” the user wrote.

Oh well, is she right or is she right? Are you in team ‘35k is worth it’ or ‘150 mein mil jata’?

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