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This Couple From Odisha Got Married In A Quarantine Centre. This Story Is So Sweet

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At a time when it is impossible to switch on the TV or open a newspaper without being overwhelmed by a swarm of bad news, it’s the sweet little stories that make our day better. Despite the restrictions on social contact, true love has not backed down. It has, instead, blossomed in different ways. We’ve seen how a couple got married in the middle of the lockdown while wearing masks and face shields. In another story, a zoom call wedding took place in the virtual presence of over 100 guests. More recently, a man dressed as a woman to meet his girlfriend so that he wouldn’t get caught – weird, and totally not recommended, but his attempt at expressing love nonetheless.

Another couple has recently tied the knot, and that too at a quarantine centre. The young bride and groom were both from Odisha, and had run away from their homes in January this year. 19-year-old Saurabh Das and his girlfriend Pinkyrani Das got married in a quarantine centre in Sagada village, Puri district, Odisha. The couple had eloped to Ahmedabad and lived there as a couple for a while, but they returned to their village after the plastic factory that Saurabh worked in had to close due to the lockdown. They were quickly taken to the quarantine centre after their arrival in Sagada village on May 10th.

On May 24th, they completed 14 days of institutional quarantine and the wedding ceremony was conducted. Nimapara Block Development Officer Manoj Behera said that even though they showed symptoms, their swab tests came back negative. The girl was pregnant, so they decided to get the two married. What’s even sweeter is that since the parents of the bride and groom could not enter the quarantine centre, two teachers who were in charge of it took their place for the ceremony. The local sarpanch, ward member, ASHA worker, and Anganwadi worker all helped organise this quarantine wedding.

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Very often, we forget that the people affected by this virus and those locked away in quarantine centres are people too. If this is a hard time for us, it is even harder for them. Instead of shutting them out and treating them like outcasts, we should give them all the help and support they need. This adorable wedding put together in a quarantine centre proves just that. Congratulations to the new couple!

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