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This 15-Year-Old Girl Ended Her Life After School Principal Scolded Her For Wearing Nail Paint And Long Earrings

April 20, 2021 | by Mitali Shah

They say that being an academic professional is one of the noblest jobs a person can do. Shaping young minds, moulding their characters and teaching them the ways of the world, it’s a tedious job but at the end of the day, it’s our teachers that touch (figuratively, of course) our lives the most. There are things that I learned in school that guide me even today. And I don’t mean math problems or history lessons. However, not all academic professionals are as wonderful and as full of wisdom. In fact, some are unnecessarily cruel and vile. Just the one we going to discuss today. You see, in Gurugram a class 10th student was driven to suicide after her school principal slapped her in front of everyone and threatened to expel her for the silliest of reasons. It’s a dreadful incident that could’ve been very easily avoided.

On 9th April, a 15-year-old girl student of a private school in Haryana’s Gurugram committed suicide by hanging herself at home. Her uncle has filed a complaint against her school’s principal for pushing her over the edge by scolding and slapping her in front of all the other students for wearing long earrings, having a mobile phone and not cutting nails. These are things that can easily be handled with kind words. I understand that schools have rules. My school didn’t allow these things either. But under no circumstances can a teacher or the principal hit a student. This is so infuriating.

According to reports, the girl was found hanging in her home a day after she was reprimanded by the school principal for being “ill-mannered”. In his report, the girl’s uncle mentioned that on 8th April, the girl’s parents were called to the school and told by the principal that the girl was badly mannered because she had long nails, wore big earrings and kept a mobile phone. He threatened to expel the girl.

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That day, the girl did not speak to anyone nor did she eat any food. On 9th April, her parents returned to the school to request the principal to not expel the girl. This time, they took the girl’s younger brother, who is also a student at the same school, along with them. The girl’s uncle told TOI, “The principal got angry seeing them again. This time, he complained against both children (the girl and her younger brother) and asked them to be removed from school. My brother tried to reason with them that they had given the girl a phone because she needed it for her online classes. But he was in no mood to listen to my brother. The principal then asked them to leave his office.”

When the parents returned home, they told the girl that they would speak to the principal once more. She said nothing and went into her room. When she did not come out for a long time, her brother went looking for her. He knocked repeatedly but there was no answer. The family then forcibly knocked down the door and found the girl hanging from the ceiling fan. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but the girl was declared dead on arrival.

On the days following her death, several of her classmates visited her house. They accused the principal of being extremely brutal and often misbehaving with students. Based on the uncle’s complaint, the police have booked the school’s principal for abetting this girl’s suicide.

We’ve all had strict, no-nonsense teachers. But this is a whole new level of unacceptable. This school principal needs to be held accountable for his actions. And it needs to be ensured that he never works with children again. Driving a 15-year-old girl to suicide by slapping and chiding her because of her nails and earrings is beyond problematic. How cruel and barbaric can someone be?

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Mitali Shah

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