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Here’s Everything You’d Want To Tell Your Long Distance Bestie!

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You know you’re adulting when you stop meeting your friends as often as you would, and your office becomes your first home. Yes, first home.

What really hits the hardest is when your friend, the closest one you have, leaves town to pursue their dreams. On one hand, you feel happy for them, but on the other, it hurts to let them go.

The late night calls, the endless Snapchats, cross-country gossip and just so much to share! It’s an adrenaline rush of a different kind.

But as everything has its pros, it also has its cons. Let’s be honest… not being in the same place or timezone as your best friend, just sucks. Big time. You want to say so many things, share so many emotions, but because of the lack of time, that barely ever happens.

Well, here is everything we want to tell that friend who is miles away from us, but always close to our hearts! Watch the video above and share it with your long distance BFF.


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