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These Brave People Gave Themselves #Coronacuts And Immediately Regretted It. PS: Don’t Try This At Home.

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People from across the world are quarantined at home courtesy…do I even need to say it? Yes, working from home is fun and so is not having to wear a bra. But even though our nipples are free rn, we are not quite. We are confined to our homes and in this bitter-sweet experience, what we’re badly missing is going to the salon. We look like sheep ready to be sheared and yet, there’s no salon open. So our non-professional ass is trying to don the apron, taking charge of our own grooming. And this is not just limited to body hair removal.

Several people around the world have taken to give themselves a #coronacut! This is a hashtag that’s been trending because people are chopping their hair off in this quarantine using a pair of kitchen scissors. Of course, this isn’t because suddenly everyone had a haircut emergency. How can you have a haircut emergency? Like hey, if I don’t cut my hair this weekend, the rivers will run dry or like Vicky Kaushal will stop doing movies. What is happening here is our mind is hitting the reset button. It’s common for people to go for a hair makeover when they are going through a period of stress or change. And let’s just say, nothing has changed the world more than coronavirus!

So here we are, making bad haircut decisions and giving ourselves haircuts that look like a bunch of rats chewed your hair out. Anushka Sharma trimmed Virat Kohli’s hair while Sachin Tendulkar trimmed his own. They seem to have done quite a decent job. I too, cut my own fringes and they turned out just fine. But then again, I watched several tutorials and I may have a little skill with the scissors. This hasn’t gone well for so many people and hairdressers are advising everyone to refrain from giving yourself a coronacut. But it’s really difficult. However, if it goes bad you’re in quarantine with a bad haircut and I don’t know what that would do for your mood. Also, I can’t help but notice that men are more sportingly putting up pictures of their terrible haircuts.

Check out the disaster that went down around the world.

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