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The NCW Launches A WhatsApp Helpline To Help Distressed Pregnant Women

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There are a lot of things our country needs to work on. We talk about gender equality constantly, but the fact of the matter is that it’s merely a distant dream at the moment. First, we need to drastically improve women’s safety and then go from there. Our government is doing the bare minimum to help women in distress but that is not nearly enough. However, now the National Commission for Women (NCW) has launched a helpline for pregnant women in need. Of course, this does not help boost women’s safety in our country but at least distressed pregnant women will be able to get the help they need.

In a statement, on Thursday, the NCW said that it has noticed that a lot of pregnant women face difficulties while trying to access the medical help that they need. Hence, they have decided to launch a WhatsApp, message only, helpline service. This is an addition to the already operational email id that pregnant women can use to access medical services easily and rapidly.

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According to reports, the statement read, “Expectant mothers from across the country can reach out to the Commission through its helpline number– 9354954224– which will be functional round-the-clock. A dedicated team at the Commission is looking after speedy redressal of grievances received from pregnant women regarding procuring of emergency medical help. The Commission can also be reached out on the email ID”

This is an amazing initiative. In these pandemic times, pregnant women face many difficulties that prevent them from getting the medical assistance they need. In fact, merely a few weeks ago, in Mumbai, two policewomen helped a woman give birth in a police van. She was already in labour when she was spotted by the police and would not be able to reach a hospital in time. This is just one example of the kind of added distress this pandemic has put on pregnant women. Hence, this helpline started by the NCW will prove extremely helpful to ease the pain of distressed pregnant women.

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