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NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma’s Problematic Tweets Range From Communal Hate To Blatant Sexism. She’s Being Called Out

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I’d like to think, and for good reason that is, that our country has more than enough problems and pressing matters to take care of, especially when it comes to women’s safety, before it starts diverting its attention to problems that don’t exist. With shocking studies revealing how women get raped every 16 minutes, to horrendous cases of domestic abuse, assault and even murder making it to the headlines of every publication, one would assume, and only naturally, that if no one else then the National Commission of Women would at least have its hands full trying to deal with the atrocities against women. But seems like, Chairperson Rekha Sharma is on a whole different tangent, using her voice not to solve existing problems, but create new ones.

Caught in a wave of political and social media fire, Chairperson of NCW, Rekha Sharma recently made a rather cringeworthy and controversial statement that has landed her plum in the middle of an online outrage. Following her meeting with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, she came under the radar after it was shared how she happened to discuss pressing matters with him regarding women’s safety, molestation and rape of women patients at Covid centers and get this, rise in the ‘love jihad’ cases.

A concept thanks to the Tanishq ad , we expect that the NCW leader would have more things to discuss than this. However, what is more worrying is that people started to investigate her tweets and while communal harmony was never high on her agenda what was alarming were that many people found her misogyny-laden tweets! And to avoid the backlash, she quickly turned her account private.

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One would assume, that for someone sitting in a position like that of Rekha Sharma, having the tools to drive change, promote equality and make the world a better place, would put them to good use.

Riled up at her comment and accusation for the rise in ‘Love Jihad’ cases, whereas not a single case has actually been reported in the country as per the Central government, angry netizens, went on to swarm her twitter profile, fishing out previous tweets that turned out to be far more problematic and Islamophobic in nature than even her recent statement.

The misogynistic tweets, which or may or may not have been manipulated at this point, were circulated across social media, before Rekha Sharma turned her account private and was accused of deleting several previous posts overnight. However that didn’t stop the netizens from digging out what was said in the past, where she had gone ahead to write things like, “I hate the word feminist”, or catcalling politicians like Priyanka Gandhi, and even showing blatant disregard for the Muslim community in her tweets.

Not getting away with any of it, people even managed to pull out an archived sheet of her recent tweets which were reportedly removed by her after she landed herself in this controversy. And whether or not her previous tweets were fabricated or real, the fact that a prominent leader like Rekha Sharma could go ahead and be so blind to the idea of communal harmony, inter faith marriages was just too disappointing. Add to that that she heads the NCW and indulges in such sexist bullshit and you have a recipe for disaster.

Meanwhile, twitter rages as it trends the hashtag #SackRekhaSharma, demanding she be relieved of her duties as the Chairperson of a commission, when she comes from such a close minded and biased school of thought. We’d have to say, she had it coming.

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