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The Lucknow Woman Who Thrashed A Cab Driver Was Wrong. And It Has Nothing To Do With Feminism

August 03, 2021 | by Mitali Shah
Feminism issue it's not

When you live in India, there are a few things that you have to adjust to. Extreme weather, overcrowding, language barriers, political unrest and cricket. There is one other thing on that list that I left out. Road rage. We’ve all seen it. Most of us have been part of more than one incident. From something as small as someone not moving when a traffic signal turns green to as big as ramming into someone’s car, it doesn’t take a lot to rile people up on the road. That being said, there is a fine line between road rage and just unnecessary violence. This line was crossed by the Lucknow woman who is going viral for thrashing a cab driver.

A few days ago, a video surfaced on social media that showed a woman standing at an intersection violently beating up a cab driver. At first, everyone thought it was because of something he did. Despite what initial reports say, that’s not what happened here. CCTV footage shows the cab stopping at a zebra crossing while the woman in question was crossing the road. Out of nowhere, she walks over to the driver’s window and starts hitting him. This is just unacceptable and definitely not a feminist issue. But we will come to that.

The cab driver filed a complaint against this woman and today an FIR was lodged against her. According to reports, this video was shot on 30 June at the Kesari Kheda traffic crossing in Lucknow. The 2-minute long video that is doing the rounds on social media shows the woman slapping and hitting the driver. She claimed that he hit her with his car while she was walking. A police constable who was nearby tried to intervene but he didn’t succeed. Allegedly, the woman also broke the driver’s phone. She pushed him, held him by the collar and slapped him multiple times.

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When this video went viral, there were calls to arrest this “Lucknow girl” all over desi Twitter. But as more and more details seem to emerge, netizens appear to be extremely divided on this incident. The thing is though, we might not know what actually happened. But we can all agree that whether the driver hit this woman or not, thrashing him in such a manner is utterly uncalled for. Violence, be it a man hitting a woman or vice versa, is never the solution.

Another thing that is really bothering me about this nasty incident is that people on social media are making this a feminist issue. It’s not. Feminism is not about hating on men, that’s misandry. Nor is it about double standards. A lot of people are saying that if the roles were reversed and a man attacked was attacking a woman so viciously, he would be behind bars. Probably, yes he would. But if it’s proved that this woman is wrong then she too deserves to be jailed. Feminism is about equality. What happened here is nothing more than an ugly scene of road rage.

We have to learn how to be more tolerant.

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Mitali Shah

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