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World Wide Web Celebrates Its Silver Jubilee Today!

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In 1991, while I was still chilling somewhere unknown, a man, no a brilliant man, gave the world a gift that we should forever be thankful for. Tim Berners-Lee started the World Wide Web on 23rd August, 25 years ago and it now has over a billion sites on it. WWW is a part of the Internet that helps people search and share information all over the world. Many a time, we confuse these terms as being synonyms of each other. Now you know!

People all over the world celebrate this day as World Internaut Day. Internaut basically means anyone who uses the internet to extract and share information. So in short, if you are reading this article, you can proudly call yourself an internaut.

Coming back to the founder, he is literally an unsung hero who changed our lives forever, but didn’t get enough credit for it. Imagine, how would you search for something online? How would you make any websites? How would you function without it? And yet, hardly anyone knows him. He currently runs a forum called the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that looks after the functioning of the WWW. Right from the legalities to the technicalities. You think he would be filthy rich but he still drives a Volkswagen that is 13-years old. We bow down to you, Sir!

Here are some facts about the World Wide Web that might be cool to read on this remarkable day!

1. The first webpage ever uploaded was a page on how to create your very own webpage.

2. There are around 3.4 billion internauts out there and around a half of them are on facebook. Only half?!

3. Searching for ‘cats’ on Google will get you 680 million hits. Obviously!

4. There are around 1.07 billion websites but 75% of them are inactive.

5. 3 million emails are shared every second. OMG!

6. Every second, 7,300 tweets go up.

If you want to really see how we have evolved in these 25 years, check out the first-ever web page here and get ready for some nostalgia!


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