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You Don’t Have To Stop At 140 Characters On Twitter Anymore

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Twitter has used a creative and innovative way to raise the limit of its allowed characters, while still staying true to the defining idea of the site.

While tweets themselves will still have a 140-character limit, the company now says that when you reply to someone or to a group of users, their usernames will no longer count toward those 140 characters.

This move will make group conversations much easier, because when it does count toward the character total, it’s difficult to maintain the character limit. You have to get around it by taking a picture of the text and attaching it to the tweet as a reply, or even send responses in multi-part tweets. Both of these are pretty painful options.

With this change, instead of being a part of it, the username handle will be on top of the reply. It has also stopped counting photos, videos, quote tweets, polls, and GIF animations as part of the character limit.

This might be the smartest move yet for the company, which has been struggling to keep up its popularity. Though Twitter’s character limit was created so that tweets could fit into a single SMS and because the makers wanted to stick to how they started, it’s been holding the platform back, especially compared to other social media channels.


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