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This Keto Tracking App Will Get You Fit AF!

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Tired of using the same ol’, boring apps? Keep up with the hottest new app launches and rediscover old favourites with Appturday! Appturday’s a weekly post from our Social Media Editor where she rants, raves, and shares the apps she’s currently into.

There’s something so exciting about the start of a new year — it’s the chance to evaluate your life and make decisions that’ll hopefully lead to a happy, healthy year. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gone ahead and made these grand resolutions. Mine includes some form of weight loss. Although I’m still going to indulge till my birthday, which is on Jan 9, in case you want to send me presents.

But, at the crack of dawn on 10th January, I’ll be one of those annoying people who starts a diet and doesn’t stop talking about it. I’ve settled on the Keto diet, “a very low carb diet that turns your body into a fat-torching machine.” The success of the diet primarily depends on counting net carbs, which isn’t easy to track IRL. That’s where the Stupidly Simple Keto App comes to my rescue and, guess what, it’s true to its name.

What makes the Stupidly Simple Keto App my pick is the fact that it’s tailormade for the keto diet, which translates to its features. You can keep track of your nutrition via the food log and barcode scanner. Since hydration is an essential part of not dying while you’re on the Keto diet, the inbuilt hydration tracker makes sense. I especially LOVE the ‘food bank’, a place where you conserve calories for days when you *need* to indulge.  The app also provides a super helpful mildly annoying warning when you approach your daily limit.

So go ahead and try this week’s #Appturday pick, you have nothing to lose but a few kilos.

Download it here for your iPhone, or Android phone.


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