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Amazon’s New Kindle Is Lighter, Faster, And Cheaper!

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Amazon keeps giving us more and more reasons to love it. On Wednesday, the company announced the launch of its new entry-level Kindle with added features. The all-new Kindle will be available for an amazingly low price of Rs 5,999,  and will work faster compared to its 2014 version with twice as much RAM. Plus, it will be the thinnest and lightest yet with a rounded body. It has been two years since Amazon last updated its base model, so this new update is a welcome change.

What might be the best addition to this new version is Bluetooth audio support, which will help visually impaired people to listen to the text on the screen aloud without an adaptor. All you have to do is connect it to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The last such device that had text-to-speech functionality was the 2011 edition, which the company discontinued. The new Kindle will work only on WiFi and come with a 6-inch touchscreen.

It will also be available in white apart from the standard black colour. The popular Kindle Paperwhite will also be available in white.

Kindle also allows you to export text from the e-books to your mail in the form of PDFs or spreadsheets. What is missing is the reading light but they’re probably compensating you for it by giving you more memory space. The thing that remains constant is the promise of a battery life that will go on for days.

The new base model Kindle is currently available for pre-order and will be delivered after July 7, 2016. We’re adding this to our shopping cart right now!


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