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#HauteHacks: 4 Easy Ways To Achieve Inbox Zero!

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Isn’t it annoying to have a cluttered inbox? Mail upon mail upon mail screaming for attention, all waiting to be opened up. It is seriously infuriating to see that little bubble hovering above¬†your Mail icon that says 6,789 unread mails! Well, we can help you with that. We’ve been through this ordeal and have figured out 4 super easy ways to easily de-clutter your inbox. We’ll tell you how to turn that “Zero Inbox” myth, into reality.

Here’s how to turn that “Inbox Zero” myth into reality.


1. Unsubscribe From Newsletters

This is very important. We’ve all signed up for¬†several daily/weekly newsletters that we think will help us. But then what? Those mails always end up unread or shifted in your Promotions folder. So save yourself the trouble and hit unsubscribe, folks!

2. Turn Off Notifications

When it comes to social apps like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, we get bombarded with unwanted mail every day. XYZ sent you a friend request, or retweeted your picture, or pinned 10 of your pins, etc. You don’t always need to know that, do you? So go right on to your Settings and turn off email notifications for such alerts and save yourself unnecessary email activity. Best tip ever!

3. Get Organised

Your inbox has files and folders for a reason. Use them. Organise your emails into relevant categories, so that any new mail lands goes to the correct place and you can get to them faster and tick them off your list.

4. Hit Reverse

This is a super cool hack. We all have a ton of old mail that we haven’t gotten around to reading yet. So, change the order of your inbox from “Newest” to “Oldest” and start reading and deleting, STAT!


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