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Plan The Perfect Date With These Android Apps!

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So, you’ve conquered the world of dating apps with our helpful hints and it’s finally time to meet your match! But wait a second, before you start dreaming up romantic scenarios with bae, you’ll need to plan a killer date. Don’t worry, we’ve got the apps that will help you have the perfect date even if your Mr. Big turns out to be the biggest loser!

1. Flyrobe

Let’s start with the perfect outfit. Sure your closet is teeming with outfits, but you’re probably going to want to get that special something. Rather than investing a week’s salary on that killer Zara dress, why not rent the perfect ensemble? We pick Flyrobe for their sheer variety of cute ensembles and the fact that they offer pieces in XXL too! You can also rent matching accessories, which honestly makes the statement accessory-loving, lazy girl in us SO happy.

2. Wowtables

Next up, nosh! If you’re planning a conventional dinner date, might we suggest making it a bit more adventurous with Wowtables? The app allows you to choose from a range of fantastic, curated experiences in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi! Since payment is made beforehand, it eliminates the whole awkward post bill phase, which is always such a mood killer!

3. Outsy

Mumbai residents who would love to try something other than the regular dinner and a drive should totally give Outsy a try! This app curates the best gigs, happy hours, and brunches in maximum city. We’re fans of the super user-friendly UI and sheer variety of left-of-centre options.

4. NordVPN

Decided to stay in and ‘Netflix and chill’? It’s a bummer that some of Netflix’s best shows aren’t available in India yet. But to bypass the issue, go ahead and download the NordVPN app! It allows you to connect to a server in the US And stream away!

Got a fail-safe app you love that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear about it in our comments section.


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