#HauteHacks: 3 Ways To Make Your Phone Screen Look Like New!

3 Ways To Clean Phone Screen_Hauterfly

When someone asks me what is that one thing you can’t live without, I pretend to think about it for a few minutes. But, in reality, I know that it is my phone. I can be all fancy and name a book or an heirloom bag that my grandmother gifted me, but hey, let’s be practical — it is my smartphone.

It legit hurts when there is even a speck of dirt on the large display screen. However hard we try to protect our phones from this cruel world, they do get dirty. And no, this is not kinky.

So here are 3 easy ways to wipe off food, makeup, and other stains, from the screen in no time. Yup, you can count till 30 and it’ll be done.

Watch the video above and follow the drill, or just scroll down to know more!

1. Use A Microfibre Cloth

Don’t get all worked up looking at the fancy term. It is the tiny cloth that you use to clean your eyeglasses and shades! Just use to make your phone screen feel alive again.

2. Scotch Tape, FTW!

Before you panic, trust me, it works in an amazing way. Take a strip of the tape and stick it on the dirty area. Peel it off to see the magic!

3. Ear Bud And Water

Just dab the cotton ear bud in water for a second and use it to clean the stain. The water will NOT harm your phone. Wipe it off with a tissue and go about your day.

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