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The New Hover Camera Is A Glimpse Of The Future

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We, as a generation, are obsessed with taking selfies and there is hardly any day when we go without opening our front cameras to give a pout or two. But while we are trying out the new Snapchat filters, some people are out there investing in drones. Every day, these flying machines are becoming increasingly popular. We would have to manually use them, direct, and often, still not get the required shot. Until now, that is. Taking a step into future, Zero Zero Robotics launched their latest camera, Hover Camera Passport, last month. Why are we talking about it? Because it comes armed with the superpower to fly on its own and track the operator’s movements. It follows you around like the Hutch puppy (remember how cute he was?).


This ‘flying camera’, as the company likes to call it, has 4 propellers made of carbon fibers that help it stay in the air. It is easily portable as you can literally fold it into the size and shape of a book. Another reason for its easy portability is its lightweight — weighing just 242 grams, it makes for the perfect travel partner. With built-in WiFi, you can access the gadget from any device, be it your smartphone or tablet. Take 13MP pictures on it or record 4K resolution videos on it. It flies to the height of 65 ft and rotates full 360 degrees. The recording time is around 10 minutes at a go, which is some 2 minutes more than the usual drones. Just download their app and get ready to roll!

Priced at Rs 36,000, it is value-for-money and cheaper than the latest Go Pro drone. Then again, it’s Go Pro. This gadget was the result of a rigorous self-funding project that made this invention possible. But now it is facing tough competition from DJI’s Mavic Pro.

The Passport works best when it is not too windy outside but nevertheless, once your initial movements are recorded, it will detect you automatically. It is currently available only in the United States, but can be shipped to anywhere in the world. You will have to wait for 3 months to get it delivered, though. Worth it? Watch this video and decide.


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