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Google Goals Is The Life Coach You Need In Your Life!

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All of us want to do a lot more than get through the mundane 9-to-5, right? Whether it’s practising yoga or learning a new skill, we’ve all got goals we want to set and meet. But hey, I’m not judging you when you put that alarm on snooze a bunch of times every morning or are too *meh* to head to the gym or dance class in the evening. We’re all in the same boat, girls.

And guess what? Google understands us.

The company has recently come up with a new feature on Google Calendar that literally lets you set goals and even makes sure you’re on track to achieve them! Simple and easy to use, all you need to do is log into the Google Calendar app, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner and select “Goal”. Choose what you want to do, the duration and time, and your calendar will automatically schedule it as a recurring activity.

So the next time you should be exercising — if that is your goal — your calendar will send you a notification making sure you never forget. And if you have something else scheduled at the same time, it will automatically shift your goal to a new time. Kinda like an annoying mommy making sure you don’t skip what you’re supposed to do. It also provides you with the option of ‘deferring’ the goal to another time in the day, if you’re busy.

So girls, now’s the time to stop making excuses and get shit done. You have no idea how much you can accomplish if you just stop putting your alarm on snooze!

Not sure how Google Goals works? This video should help you out.


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