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Blackberry Has Officially Bid Goodbye To Its Phones!

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There was a time, some 6 years ago, when everyone desperately wanted a Blackberry. It was a luxury item to own and if you had one, well, you felt like what iPhone 7 users are feeling now. It was a time when there was no Apple, no Android, just Blackberry — the king. But that era ended yesterday, when the company announced that it will no longer produce phones and any future projects will be outsourced. They plan is to concentrate on on software development now. We knew this day would come but now that it has, we are getting a little teary-eyed. We will still handle ourselves better than Kim, who felt like her world was falling apart when the Blackberry Bold went extinct.







Till 2010, Blackberry was still surviving in the market. Gradually, though, as more brands came in, even its most enthusiastic loyalists shifted, in search of better quality and more features on their smartphones. Somewhere, the brand fell short of keeping up with its competition and failed to deliver. Nonetheless, it is going down in history and my kids will surely know that there was a time, when people didn’t know what a phone was but connected with one word — Blackberry.

But the most iconic thing about the brand, apart from BBM, were the advertisements! Remember the Blackberry Boys!? If you don’t (totally judging you), then take a look at this addictive video and remember the good, ol’ times.




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