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The Apple Watch Series 4 Is The Diwali Present You Didn’t Know You Needed!

October 26, 2018 | by Zahra Khan
Apple Watch Series 4_Featured_Hauterfly

If you are a keen Apple watcher, you may have caught the Apple event last month when the new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4 launched. You can read a separate review to know what I think of the iPhone XS Max, but it is safe to say that the fourth generation of the Apple Watch was the highlight of this year’s keynote event.

And now that I’ve had it on my wrist and test-driven it for a few days, I am convinced that this smart little gadget is worth the hefty price tag. From a sleeker redesign to faster performance and innovative new features, it is the smartwatch to replace all smartwatches. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t really enjoy wearing watches — smart or otherwise — on her wrist. But I can safely say I am hooked.

First Impressions

On first impressions, I was surprised by how premium it looked. I got the stainless steel Milanese Loop version, and it looks super sleek and fashion-forward on the wrist. That custom magnetic closure is a pretty neat addition.

The new screen is 30% larger with thinner borders and curved corners, yet surprisingly it looks smaller and feels thinner than the previous Series 3 watches. The OLED display is also stunning, making text appear bigger and easier to read and the image quality is beautiful. A host of new features now make it easier than ever to view information on the go, radically transforming how you stay active and connected.

If you are in the market for a watch that is less something to tell the time and more a device to track your personal health and productivity, look no further than the Apple Watch Series 4.


Apple Watch Series 4_Inpost_Hauterfly

Apple Watch Series 4


Haptic Feedback & Watch Faces

The redesigned digital crown now delivers haptic feedback (i.e. a subtle clicking) while you scroll through messages or music playlists, mimicking the sensation of turning the crown of an old-school mechanical watch. It’s not a major selling point, but it makes the overall experience of using this device a cooler one.

The watch also comes with a host of new watch faces and you can customise them as you please. My favourite is the infographic face, which allows you to add up to eight different “complications” or activities in each of the four corners and four circles surrounding the hands of the clock. This allows you to efficiently see all the information that’s important to you at one go. On weekends, I sometimes like to switch to the infinitely more chill Breathe app watch face for a more soothing experience.

Battery Life

After a full day of checking email notifications, Whatsapp messages, listening to music, and even getting in a power walk workout, I was left with a little over 30% of charge. This is fantastic, especially if you are a power user or like long, outdoor runs or using GPS. What’s more, the watch powers up super quickly too.

Speakers & Phone Calls

The speakers on the new watch are 50% louder than the previous generation, so voice interactions like phone calls, Siri, or Walkie-Talkie (more on that below) are a much more audible experience. What’s more, the microphone has moved to the opposite side of the speaker, dramatically reducing echo during phone calls.

The Series 4 is available in both GPS and GPS + Cellular models. With the GPS + Cellular model, you have the freedom to make calls, reply to messages, stream Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, and more — even when you’re away from your phone. Currently, cellular service is supported by Airtel and Jio, and other providers will be added shortly.

Health & Wellness

Apple has always spotlighted the health and fitness aspects of the watch over the years, and this year, it has taken things a step further. The new electrical heart sensor has two new features — low heart rate notifications and faster or irregular heart rate readings — to help you keep an eye on your heart.

There is also a new fall detection safety feature that detects hard falls and can also call emergency services if you are in need of assistance. Now, this doesn’t mean your watch will call an ambulance if you’re just plain clumsy but say you’re out running and happen to take a serious tumble or have an accident and remain unresponsive for a full minute, this feature will definitely come handy.

On the fitness front, the watch now includes yoga and hiking workouts, and advanced running features that will make your workout tracking much more accurate. It can also automatically detect workouts and will prompt you to start tracking one if you forget to do so a few minutes into it.

This Is So Extra!

One of the most addictive things on the new watch though is the Walkie-Talkie feature. If you have friends or family that also use the device, staying in touch with them instantly is super easy and loads of fun. The feature is almost like leaving instant voice notes on each other’s devices, and you get notifications and responses in real-time. Trust me, it’s addictive!

So if you’ve held out on buying an Apple Watch, or have been waiting to upgrade to the cellular model, now is the best time to give the Series 4 a try!

SHOP NOW: Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular (Starting at Rs 49,900)*
* Available at Apple authorised retailers

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