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Taapsee Pannu Says She Didn’t Have To Compromise To Make It Big In Bollywood. We Think She May Have Been Lucky!

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Before I was working in the field of journalism, I was working as an auditor in a big corporate firm. And to this date, when people ask about my previous job, and my experience working in a corporate environment, a number of things rush out of my mouth. And yes, most of it is about the toxic masculinity and male entitlement that still persists in the system. As it does in any industry for that matter. But there are certain stereotypes associated with every industry. And in Bollywood, the widespread notion is that you don’t get to the top without making a few “compromises” along the way. Something that didn’t happen to Mission Mangal actress Taapsee Pannu.

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Bollywood, when talked about in flattering terms is known for its compelling cinema. Its dark side is, of course, its horrific reputation when it comes to casting couch. Many from the film fraternity have come up over the years to talk about the dominance of power and position in the industry and how many use it for certain under the table favours. A story that was also told to Taapsee Pannu before she set foot in tinsel town.

Taapsee has been one of the very few among Bollywood’s known who have made it to the limelight without backing from anyone and delivered movies like Pink, Badla, Naam Shabana and Mission Mangal all of which have been a raging success. And everyone knows that cracking your way into the industry without a star surname doesn’t come easy. But turns out, it isn’t always horrible.In a recent interview with the actress, Taapsee shared how, “When you’re not from a film background and work to carve a niche, people try and paint a different image about the film industry. I was told, ‘Everyone will pounce upon you or take advantage of you’. And if you enter the industry, you’d have to bend backward or do things against your morals. It was a scary image for a girl who was sitting in Delhi having a middle-class life. Thankfully, the image didn’t turn out to be true and I didn’t compromise on her ethics, or bend rules to fit in.”

She the continued further by saying, “Everything has a good and a bad side [to it], but I only saw the bad side being portrayed very gloriously, everywhere. When I entered the film industry, there were experiences that weren’t great but I had some people who were genuine, and they’re still with me on my journey.” And honestly, this is the most positive and reassuring thing we’ve heard about the industry in a long long time. Believing every rumour or gossip piece that surfaces comes as a reflex action to most of us, mainly because of the fickle nature of the fraternity. But especially with all the talks about casting couch and nepotism coming up, it is refreshing to hear that all is not as bad as it is made to look and Tapsee Pannu is proof of that.

Of course, we understand that it may differ from experience to experience, but like everything in life, Bollywood too has a flip side to it. Guess they were right, the industry does have a big heart for the talented.

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