#Spread Positivity: This Policewoman’s Father Proudly Looks At The Stars On Her Uniform. This Made Us Smile

FI A Proud Dad To A Fearless Daughter

Every child dreams of making their parents proud one day. It’s not an easy thing to do because at some point of another you are inevitably going to let them down. But nothing compares to that proud gleam in their eye when you’ve accomplished something. That’s what makes all the struggle and risks you took to do it completely worth it.

I imagine the parents of the coronavirus warriors must be extremely proud of them at this moment. I can only imagine if I was out there on the frontlines my parents would be extremely worried but also beaming with pride. It’s a very a noble thing to do, fight for your nation through some turbulent times but not everyone gets chances like that. But hey, if you do get the opportunity you would want to do something that would make your parents super proud of you.

Just like this policewoman’s father is of her in this adorable picture that is doing the rounds on social media. The picture involves Deputy SP Rattana Ngaseppam of Imphal, Manipur and her father who is proudly looking at the stars on her uniform.

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It’s a delightful picture of a proud father and daughter and it really tugs at your heartstrings. It’s the kind of picture that you would want to frame and put up on the wall of your house. It was shared by a Twitter user and the caption of the picture read, “Rattana Ngaseppam, Deputy SP from Imphal, Manipur. Her proud dad checking out the stars on her uniform. And #Rattana proudly watching the stars in her father’s eyes.”

This picture was applauded by so many people including Raveena Tandon and Athiya Shetty who reposted it on twitter. So many netizens have commented on the picture calling it beautiful and someone even commented, “This is the real face of women empowerment, it’s beautiful.”

There is so much emotion in one picture it’s really amazing. The Deputy SP has given her father so much to be proud of and all of it is mirrored in this one picture of theirs. All of us are also extremely proud of our country’s police force. They really have gone out of their way and put themselves in the line of fire to ensure each and every one us stays safe.

We are also tremendously grateful to them.


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