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7 Things We Learned From Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper

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The Big Bang Theory came in our lives in 2007, and most of us been hooked on it ever since. The characters gel with each other so beautifully that it’s a treat to watch them entertain us season after season. So I was really bummed to know that the show’s tenth season may well be the last we see of this seriously funny sitcom. Kunal Nayyar — who plays Rajesh Koothrappali on the show — hinted as much at the MCM London Comic Con event recently.

Though the show thrives on stereotypes, it has managed to win hearts across the globe thanks to its quirky characters, especially Sheldon Cooper. His slightly off-kilter character made us fall in love with him from the word go, and the thought of never watching him do the “bazinga” again has broken my heart. While I gather the shattered pieces, here’s my gift to you: all the things Sheldon taught me over the course of nine long years!


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1. Always say what’s on your mind.

Sheldon Cooper says exactly what he thinks and will argue till the sun sets to prove his point. So girls, no matter how rude you sound, be honest. Sometimes he goes over the top, but the point is to not shy away from proving that you are right. Stand up for yourself. Here, I pity Howard. The poor fellow was always at the receiving end of Sheldon’s jibes and comments.



2. True friends always stand by you.

I’ve lost count of how many friends I have, but the sad part is I don’t know how many will be there for me in my time of need. And that is lesson number 2 from Sheldon. We all know how difficult it is for him to make friends, but the five that he has are there for him even when he is… well… himself! Over the years, he has proven to be a good friend in his own unique way. I think I’m going to have to ask Leonard to help me with the friendship agreement for this!



3. Are you sad? Turn to cat!

The one thing Sheldon indirectly displays in pretty much every season is his love for cats. Every time he is on the low side, he needs a cat. When he is ill, he asks Penny to sing Soft Kitty to him. And remember when Amy dumped him? He went ahead and got home like 20 cats! So I can confidently conclude that whenever you are sad, find yourself a cat. You will feel better. Sheldon swear.


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4. What is yours is YOURS!

Sharing and caring is all okay, but some things are yours and nobody should be allowed to touch them. It is your spot and no one should be allowed to take it. Oh yeah!


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5. It’s okay to be a little crazy.

Life is hard and it is absolutely fine if you’re not like everyone else. In fact, it’s actually a good thing. Be okay with yourself and what makes you, you. If you like comics, go ahead and read them. If you love trains, buy yourself a new toy set and play with it till you’re bored. Don’t be afraid of how society will judge you. And if someone tells you that you’re crazy, just tell them you’re not because you were tested!



6. A survival kit is a must.

You never know when disaster will strike, so it is always a good idea to keep a survival kit ready. Sheldon has one with all his favourite comic books in it. You may want to add them in yours.


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7. Hot tea is the way to go!

When I’m sad, I need tea. When I’m angry, I need tea. Basically, tea is the solution for all my mood swings.


While we’ll have to wait and see whether the show is truly coming to an end next season, till then…



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