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Sania Mirza Posted A Picture Of Her Weight Loss Of 26 Kgs And Made Her Body-Shamers Eat Their Words

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For the past 10 years, I have been trying to something or the other about my weight. When I was in college, somehow even at 48 kilos, I thought I needed to lose some weight. Blame it on the magazines I read and the fashion shows I watched with models that looked like they have not a gram of fat in their bodies. Then I lost too much weight and at 44 kgs, I had to put myself through a weight gain diet. That was the best time of my life, I am not going to lie.

A few years ago I began to get bigger, and then I consulted a nutritionist and did get fitter in three months. Cut to today, the weight is back but my willpower seems to be lost somewhere in all that junk I put in my body. I have at this point made peace with my weight but sometimes, I really wish I could like just donate the extra inches on my tummy to someone who needs it. Of course, most of us are stuck in this rut but Sania Mirza is like none of us.

She had gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, but she worked hard to shed the extra kilos post pregnancy and managed to reduce 26 kgs in just four months! Meanwhile, I have been vacillating between gaining, shedding and gaining back the same two kgs. Recently, she shared a before and after post on Instagram and the result is so significant! Sania Mirza wrote: “89 kilos vs 63 we all have goals.. everyday goals and long term goals .. take pride in each one of those .. it took me 4 months to achieve this goal of mine, to get back to being healthy and fit after having a baby .. feels like such a long come back and regain fitness and being able to compete at the highest level again..(sic)”

It’s inspiring to see her achieve her fitness goals and she intends to motivate anyone who shares similar goals. She further wrote, “Follow your dreams. No matter how many ppl tell you, you can’t cause God knows how many of those we have around us If I can then anyone can (sic) #believe #mummahustles”

Last year, Mirza had shared how she had gained 23 kgs during pregnancy and had been dedicating a couple of hours every day to her fitness regime to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, when she was pregnant, she got heavily trolled for her weight gain and her choice of clothes which a lot of people found unflattering. It was so distasteful and pathetic of people to body-shame her, while she was pregnant. It’s normal for a woman to put on weight when she’s carrying a baby and even otherwise, what right do people have to fat-shame anyone?

Recently in an interview, she spoke about all that shade that was thrown at her. “I was at a baby shower and the amount of body shaming that I got for that picture, I realised that I will make all these people eat their words,” Sania said. And she did!

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Sania Mirza made a comeback to competitive tennis and won the Hobart International title in January 2020 after a two-year sabbatical.

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