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Sameera Reddy’s #ImperfectlyPerfect Campaign Is Real About Everything Motherhood- From Weight To Breastfeeding

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For centuries, women have been silenced. We were told talking about anything related to our periods and pregnancy was not ladylike. Nobody wanted to hear about cramps, or how painful labour was. The thing is, now we are talking about it and everyone has to listen, because we are making them. And that is exactly what actress Sameera Reddy is doing with her campaign and we love it for it is unapologetic AF!

Sameera began the #ImperfectlyPerfect campaign earlier this year with an adorable and honest video and she continues to build on it. All through her second pregnancy, she has been open about all the struggles she went through- from the painful C-Section stitches to problems with breastfeeding in public. She began this campaign to vocalise all the hurdles a woman goes through during pregnancy and even post-partum. I really hope her campaign reaches the women who need to see and hear this.

Now, she seems to be embracing motherhood and living her best life with her daughter Nyra. But that isn’t stopping her from urging women, especially new mothers to accept their bodies for what they are and love themselves instead of covering it all up!

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Her campaign stems from the fact that her first pregnancy was a rough one. Talking about it, she says, “My campaign comes from the fact that I felt completely disillusioned and broken after being pregnant the first time when I gained weight and was 105 kgs. The perfect body and the perfect face that I worked on, for my film career, broke apart and I was completely lost.”

She also pointed out that she did not understand why she was being judged so much during her pregnancy. She received a whole lot of flak for sharing a picture in her 8th month of pregnancy showing off her baby bump. Needless to say, it was highly uncalled for and unnecessary!

She goes on to talk about how she feels like self-love and acceptance is the most important thing and that it is lacking in today’s world. Partially due to social media! Unfortunately, she is right. She says that her campaign is all about creating awareness about the fact that even though everything may look “picture-perfect” on social media, it isn’t necessarily true.

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Sameera isn’t one to preach without practicing either. If you go through her Instagram profile, you will agree with me when I say she is one of the very few actresses who isn’t afraid to show her natural, raw, real self. She is all about positivity and self-acceptance and that trumps all the glossy, pitch-perfect images we see on social media every day.

Sameera says that after her problematic first pregnancy, she was totally prepared when she was carrying her daughter during her second pregnancy. She says, “This time, I was vocal and I wanted to help new mothers realise when and if they were slipping into it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

All we can do is hope that everything she is doing with her campaign makes a difference. Because everyone knows we could all use the hashtag #ImperfectlyPerfect!

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